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2013-02-06 Anatoliy SokolovAdd test for uniforms reading. master
2013-02-06 Anatoliy SokolovUpdate vertex shader documentation.
2013-02-05 Anatoliy SokolovCleanup vertex/varying_step/varying_step
2013-02-05 Anatoliy SokolovMove to Android 2.3 and GCC 4.7.
2013-01-08 Anatoliy SokolovAdd test for data types used in varying store units...
2013-01-08 Anatoliy SokolovUpdate vertex shader documentation.
2013-01-08 Anatoliy SokolovAdd C++ support.
2013-01-03 Anatoliy SokolovAdd vertex shader store unit documentation.
2012-12-24 Anatoliy SokolovAdd test for usability all 16 varyings store units...
2012-12-12 Anatoliy SokolovAdd test for alignment of the varying descriptions...
2012-12-04 Anatoliy Sokolovvertex/varying: Add symbol_print_varying function.
2012-12-01 Anatoliy Sokolovvertex/varying: Fix install directory in 'wrap' target...
2012-12-01 Anatoliy Sokolovvertex/varying: Add 'vTestA' and 'vTestC' varying in...
2012-11-30 Anatoliy Sokolovlimare: initialize 'address' field for varying symbols.
2012-11-30 Anatoliy Sokolovvertex: Add 'symbol_find' function.
2012-11-30 Anatoliy SokolovAdd working director—É to study vertex shader.
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