2013-02-06 Anatoliy SokolovAdd test for uniforms reading. master
2013-02-06 Anatoliy SokolovUpdate vertex shader documentation.
2013-02-05 Anatoliy SokolovCleanup vertex/varying_step/varying_step
2013-02-05 Anatoliy SokolovMove to Android 2.3 and GCC 4.7.
2013-01-08 Anatoliy SokolovAdd test for data types used in varying store units...
2013-01-08 Anatoliy SokolovUpdate vertex shader documentation.
2013-01-08 Anatoliy SokolovAdd C++ support.
2013-01-03 Anatoliy SokolovAdd vertex shader store unit documentation.
2012-12-24 Anatoliy SokolovAdd test for usability all 16 varyings store units...
2012-12-12 Anatoliy SokolovAdd test for alignment of the varying descriptions...
2012-12-04 Anatoliy Sokolovvertex/varying: Add symbol_print_varying function.
2012-12-01 Anatoliy Sokolovvertex/varying: Fix install directory in 'wrap' target...
2012-12-01 Anatoliy Sokolovvertex/varying: Add 'vTestA' and 'vTestC' varying in...
2012-11-30 Anatoliy Sokolovlimare: initialize 'address' field for varying symbols.
2012-11-30 Anatoliy Sokolovvertex: Add 'symbol_find' function.
2012-11-30 Anatoliy SokolovAdd working director—É to study vertex shader.
2012-11-29 Anatoliy SokolovEliminate linker warnings.
2012-11-27 Anatoliy Sokolovbuild: Fix building for android 4.03
2012-02-09 Luc Verhaegenlima: rename symbols.
2012-02-09 Luc Verhaegenlimare: rename top level premali dir to limare.
2012-02-09 Luc Verhaegenlimare:lib: rename premali.[ch] to limare.[ch]
2012-02-09 Luc Verhaegenlimare: rename libpremalis.o to
2012-02-09 Luc Verhaegenlimare:tests: next step of test renaming.
2012-02-09 Luc Verhaegenlimare: tests: rename tests
2012-02-09 Luc VerhaegenLimare:demo: rename files and app.
2012-02-09 Luc VerhaegenChange license to MIT.
2012-02-09 Luc Verhaegeninclude: move ARM's GPLed headers to include/linux/
2012-01-31 Luc Verhaegenpremali: turn on 4x MSAA
2012-01-31 Luc Verhaegenpremali:cube: make it work natively.
2012-01-30 Arvin Schnellpremali:cube: Added egl rotated and lighted cube.
2012-01-30 Arvin Schnellpremali:demo: Set fullscreen already in manifest.
2012-01-30 Luc Verhaegenpremali: set up for multiple draw_arrays.
2012-01-30 Luc Verhaegenpremali: move vs_info/plbu_info memory to draw_info
2012-01-30 Luc Verhaegenpremali: create draw structure
2012-01-30 Luc Verhaegenpremali: add vertex offset to draw_arrays.
2012-01-30 Luc Verhaegenpremali: split up plbu command stream.
2012-01-30 Luc Verhaegenpremali: move plbu commands to state.
2012-01-30 Luc Verhaegenpremali: move vs command queue to state.
2012-01-30 Luc Verhaegenpremali: quad flat: fix mali 400.
2012-01-29 Luc Verhaegenpremali: set up varyings at draw_arrays time.
2012-01-29 Luc VerhaegenBuild system: use a more sensible SDK path.
2012-01-28 Luc Verhaegenpremali: remove debug printing from previous commit.
2012-01-28 Luc Verhaegenpremali: add support for fragment uniforms.
2012-01-28 Luc Verhaegenpremali: make standard uniforms dynamic.
2012-01-28 Luc Verhaegenpremali: make attribute assignment more dynamic
2012-01-25 Luc Verhaegenpremali: symbols: rename size members.
2012-01-24 Luc Verhaegenpremali: attach varying space from the linking stage...
2012-01-22 Luc Verhaegenpremali: first pass at actually linking
2012-01-19 Luc Verhaegenpremali: add varying binary stream parsing.
2012-01-19 Luc Verhaegenpremali: add attribute binary stream parsing.
2012-01-19 Luc Verhaegenpremali: add uniform binary stream parsing
2012-01-17 Luc Verhaegenpremali: update some values in the vs command stream
2012-01-17 Luc Verhaegenpremali: expand our knowledge of render state.
2012-01-17 Luc Verhaegenwrap: fix ioctl struct printing
2012-01-16 Luc Verhaegenpremali: hide vs/plbu/plb/gp/pp behind premali
2012-01-16 Luc Verhaegenpremali: move width, height and clear_color to premali_...
2012-01-15 Luc Verhaegenpremali:tests: fix up template.
2012-01-15 Luc Verhaegenpremali: add mali400 support.
2012-01-15 Arvin Schnellpremali:demo: Show filenames without path in list.
2012-01-15 Arvin Schnellpremali:demo: Added copyright header.
2012-01-15 Arvin Schnellpremali:demo: Kill process on stop of activity.
2012-01-15 Luc Verhaegenpremali: add gpu type detection.
2012-01-15 Luc Verhaegenpremali: introduce premali_state
2012-01-15 Luc Verhaegenpremali: move all code from the tests to lib.
2012-01-15 Arvin Schnellpremali:demo: Use second activity to run demo programs.
2012-01-15 Luc Verhaegenpremali: rework job start ioctls
2012-01-10 Luc Verhaegenpremali:tests: remove triangle_smoothed_inverted.
2012-01-10 Luc Verhaegenpremali: tests: add smoothed fan.
2012-01-09 Luc Verhaegenpremali: add smoothed strip test.
2012-01-09 Luc Verhaegenpremali: line up for more tests.
2012-01-09 Luc Verhaegenpremali:demo: add make targets for building/installing
2012-01-09 Arvin Schnellpremali:demo: make test list dynamic
2012-01-09 Arvin Schnellpremali: add initial android demo.
2012-01-09 Luc Verhaegenbuild: reorganise our tree for multiple premali tests
2012-01-05 Luc Verhaegenwrapper: fix recursive lock.
2012-01-04 Luc Verhaegenpremali: use libMali's native shader compiler.
2012-01-04 Luc Verhaegenpremali: try to make some initial sense of vs linking.
2012-01-03 Luc Verhaegenpremali: removed dumped_stream.c
2012-01-03 Luc Verhaegenpremali: move vs and plbu info handling to gp.[ch]
2012-01-03 Luc Verhaegenpremali: make plbu setup algorithmic
2012-01-03 Luc Verhaegenpremali: move symbol creation to its own files.
2012-01-03 Luc Verhaegenpremali: add gp vs info structure.
2012-01-03 Luc Verhaegenpremali: set gp uniforms and attributes algorithmically.
2012-01-02 Luc Verhaegenpremali: generate pp_job ourselves.
2012-01-02 Luc Verhaegenpremali: move dump handling code to dump.*
2012-01-02 Luc Verhaegenpremali: split plb and job code off to separate files.
2012-01-02 Luc Verhaegenpremali: make plb generation fully algorithmic.
2012-01-02 Luc Verhaegenpremali: manually defrag memory usage.
2012-01-02 Luc Verhaegenpremali: we do not use a tile heap or a fragment stack
2012-01-02 Luc Verhaegenpremali: create one big allocation.
2012-01-02 Luc Verhaegenpremali: get a full screen render working properly.
2012-01-01 Luc Verhaegenpremali: implement shrinking of render.
2012-01-01 Luc Verhaegenpremali: move some pp register to C code.
2012-01-01 Luc Verhaegenpremali: algorithmically program vertex_uniforms.
2012-01-01 Luc Verhaegenpremali: move final image to new location.
2012-01-01 Luc Verhaegenvs: further document commands and variables.
2011-12-27 Luc Verhaegentools: add mali_info tool.
2011-12-27 Luc Verhaegenpremali: add quick 'n dirty fbdev dumper.
2011-12-27 Luc Verhaegenpremali: add vs commands.
2011-12-21 Luc Verhaegenpremali: pry apart plbu commands