2010-06-02 Simon Schubertrelease lightning-exchange-provider-0.4 devel v0.4
2010-06-02 Simon SchubertmakeUpdateItem: use id/change key from old item
2010-06-02 Simon SchubertMerge branch 'master' into devel
2010-06-02 Simon Schubertchange extension data to new name and info
2010-06-01 Simon Schubertadd discardAccount(): prompt for password on auth error
2010-06-01 Simon SchubertgetAccount: use calendar URI as realm
2010-06-01 Simon Schubertadd debug output, don't print passwords
2010-06-01 Simon Schubertrename makePrompt -> fakePrompt
2010-06-01 Simon Schubertuse new helper functions
2010-05-31 Simon SchubertImport lightning-exchange-provider 0.3