set emacs indentation level
[lightning-exchange-provider:ianmartins-lightning-exchange-provider.git] / js / soapin.js
2011-02-17 Simon Schubertset emacs indentation level
2010-11-01 Simon Schubertrewrite request setup/queueing
2010-10-25 Simon Schubertfix invitations: treat every event we don't attend...
2010-10-25 Simon Schubertmore liberal check for dismissed alarm dates
2010-10-10 Simon Schubertfix erroneous alarms for exceptions of recurring items
2010-09-03 Simon Schubertbug #623693: fix hang for snoozed recurring items
2010-08-10 Simon Schubertbug #607348: add support for mail invitations
2010-07-29 Simon Schubertbug #607421: properly fetch attendee list from server
2010-07-28 Simon Schubertimplement dismiss and snooze
2010-07-19 Simon Schubertalways pass a timezone to fromRFC3339
2010-07-19 Simon Schubertadd timezone support (2007 version)
2010-07-18 Simon Schubertrecurring events: add write support
2010-07-14 Simon Schubertadd recurrence handling (read part)
2010-07-11 Simon Schubertuse e4x to parse getitemreplies