Soup-2.4.gir: filter out SoupProxyResolver
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2010-12-07 Dan WinshipSoupSocket: port to GSocketConnection/GTlsConnection
2008-01-15 Dan WinshipMerge libsoup-2.4 branch to trunk
2006-07-21 Dan Winshipupdate to mention mailing list and bugzilla
2005-11-25 Dan Winshipsync to text on wiki, and point to wiki
2004-08-26 Dan WinshipUpdate this to reflect the last 2 years.
2003-12-22 Dan WinshipUpdate these
2003-03-18 Dan Winshipcomment out NSS checks. The NSS code doesn't work and...
2002-11-13 Joe ShawReplace the BINDIR define with LIBEXECDIR. (install...
2002-11-05 Dan WinshipSplit libsoup out of soup. ChangeLog.old contains the...
2001-09-10 Alex GraveleyShuffle features
2001-05-24 Alex GraveleyUpdate Licensing section for soup-ssl-proxy.
2001-05-24 Dick PorterFix some typos.
2001-05-24 Miguel de Icazareview alex, review
2001-05-18 Alex Graveley"Subscribe" not "Subject" in soup-list-request@ximian...
2001-05-11 alexPrep for move to GNOME CVS.
2000-12-06 alexInitial version