Soup-2.4.gir: filter out SoupProxyResolver
[libsoup-meego2:libsoup-meego2.git] / .gitignore
2010-05-24 Dan Winshipadd introspection files to .gitignore
2010-02-21 Dan WinshipMisc gtk-doc updates
2009-12-16 Dan WinshipContent-Encoding support
2009-10-13 Dan Winship[configure] import libgcrypt.m4 to m4/
2009-08-09 Dan WinshipUse an m4/ directory for aclocal files
2009-07-02 Gustavo Noronha... Implement content sniffing
2009-04-24 Dan WinshipAdd a missing file to .gitignore
2009-04-18 Dan WinshipAdd a regression test for SOUP_SESSION_TIMEOUT
2009-04-17 Dan WinshipAdd .gitignore