last changeWed, 24 Aug 2011 07:41:27 +0000 (15:41 +0800)
2011-08-24 Yan Yinadd meego specific code changes master
2011-08-16 Dan WinshipAdd SOUP_MESSAGE_CAN_REBUILD, for regeneratable streame... upstream
2011-08-16 Dan Winship2.35.5
2011-08-16 Dan WinshipFix distcheck
2011-08-08 arnoSoupContentSniffer: don't use gio anymore
2011-08-08 Dan WinshipCall soup_message_clean_response() when restarting...
2011-08-07 Dan WinshipDefault to TLS for https connections, and fall back...
2011-08-07 Dan WinshipSoupConnection: do TLS handshake at connection time
2011-08-04 Evan NemersonSoup-2.4.gir: add missing introspection data from Vala...
2011-08-04 Mandy WuSupport NTLM Single Sign On
2011-07-31 Dan WinshipSoup-2.4.gir: filter out SoupProxyResolver
2011-07-31 Dan WinshipAdd/update some "Since" flags
2011-07-31 Dan Winshipsoup-request-http: fix usage with non-default-context
2011-07-28 Dan WinshipDoh, fix the CVE number: should have been CVE-2011...
2011-07-28 Dan Winship2.35.4
2011-07-28 Dan WinshipSoupServer: fix to not allow smuggling ".." into path
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7 years ago upstream
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