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last changeTue, 21 Apr 2015 18:24:26 +0000 (20:24 +0200)
2015-04-21 Fridrich ŠtrbaApply group transforms to the text too master
2015-04-21 Fridrich ŠtrbaDon't output rotation zero
2015-04-21 Fridrich ŠtrbaAdding a .gitignore
2015-04-21 Fridrich ŠtrbaAdding text convertor
2015-04-21 Fridrich ŠtrbaSimplify the transformations a bit more
2015-04-21 Fridrich ŠtrbaTrying to decompose the transformation matrix for text...
2015-04-21 Fridrich ŠtrbaBasic support of text rotation
2015-04-21 Fridrich ŠtrbaBIPU text in FH
2015-04-20 Fridrich ŠtrbaParsing and collecting different text objects
2015-04-20 Fridrich ŠtrbaSmall change
2015-04-20 Fridrich ŠtrbaThese three have most likely the same structure
2015-04-20 Fridrich ŠtrbaParse TextBlok and collect is
2015-04-20 Fridrich ŠtrbaParse and collect paragraph
2015-04-20 Fridrich ŠtrbaParse and collect AGDFont record
2015-04-20 Fridrich ŠtrbaRun doxygen -u on the doxygen.cfg file
2015-04-18 Fridrich ŠtrbaCollect TString
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