2002-10-04 Paul SmithUpdate version info. 3.80
2002-10-04 Paul SmithDon't put .cvsignore files in the distributed tar file.
2002-10-04 Paul SmithFix K&R-isms found on SunOS 4.1.4 builds.
2002-10-03 Paul SmithSome updates for automake 1.7 and prep for releasing...
2002-10-01 Paul SmithAdd VMS updates from Martin Zinser.
2002-09-23 Paul SmithFix a bug handling target/prerequisite names containing...
2002-09-18 Paul SmithFix a bug exporting/unexporting multiple variables...
2002-09-18 Paul SmithAdd some indexing to the manual.
2002-09-17 Paul SmithFix bug #940 (from the Savannah bug tracker): make...
2002-09-12 Paul SmithFixups for the release. One bug fix, some automake...
2002-09-11 Paul SmithFix HAVE_BROKEN_RESTART logic.
2002-09-10 Paul SmithFix regex matching for modification time warnings.
2002-09-10 Paul SmithA few test bug fixes:
2002-09-10 Paul SmithHave the test driver check for the new format of the...
2002-09-10 Paul SmithAdd support for broken SA_RESTART on PTX.
2002-09-09 Paul SmithWhoops; configure wasn't looking for memmove.
2002-09-04 Paul SmithFix for complex situations where directories are declar...
2002-09-03 Paul SmithUpdate some NEWS and README nits, and add new gettext...
2002-08-10 Paul SmithUpdate to a new version of automake and gettext.
2002-08-08 Paul SmithChange the version.
2002-08-08 Paul SmithIncorporate some VMS fixes.
2002-08-01 Paul SmithNew variables, .VARIABLES and .TARGETS.
2002-07-14 Paul SmithMake sure templates are built.
2002-07-11 Paul SmithInstall Greg McGary's patches to port the id-utils...
2002-07-10 Paul SmithImplement SysV-style $$@ support. I looked at E.Parmel...
2002-07-09 Paul SmithDocumentation and tests for order-only prerequisites.
2002-07-08 Paul SmithVarious cleanups reported by people using the alpha...
2002-07-08 Paul SmithRemove .po files; we'll retrieve them directly from...
2002-07-08 Paul SmithMajor updates in preparation for 3.80.
2002-05-29 Paul SmithUpdate the README template.
2002-05-13 Paul SmithInstall newest German translation.
2002-05-10 Paul SmithFix Debian bug #144306: pass target-specific variables...
2002-04-24 Paul SmithRemove our local copy so we can use the standard version.
2002-04-24 Paul SmithAdd back initial "\" which was accidentally removed...
2002-04-22 Paul SmithUpdates for new tools. Everything works now building...
2002-04-22 Paul SmithUpdates and fixes for CVS builds.
2002-04-21 Paul SmithUpdate GNU make to use Autoconf 2.53, Automake 1.6...
2002-04-20 Paul SmithInstalled a new translation for Hebrew.
2002-04-20 Paul SmithUpdates to translaations.
2002-03-12 Paul SmithInstall updated translations.
2001-12-04 Paul SmithInstall a new Japanese translation.
2001-11-18 Paul SmithUpdate copyright info.
2001-08-19 Paul SmithInstalled the da.po (Danish) translation file.
2001-08-03 Paul SmithInstalled a new French translation (resolves Debian...
2001-07-05 Paul SmithNew/updated translations; minor update to the index...
2001-06-01 Paul SmithNew translation.
2001-06-01 Paul SmithFix for EINTR problems when using jobserver.
2001-05-21 Paul SmithSome VMS fixes sent by John Fowler.
2001-01-21 Paul SmithSome bug fixes and document updates.
2000-11-17 Paul Smith* Fix FAT handling on Windows to match the DJGPP port...
2000-10-05 Paul Smith* Various bug fixes.
2000-09-21 Paul Smith* Rework phrasing to allow for better translations.
2000-08-21 Paul SmithFix PR/1831. See the ChangeLog.
2000-07-30 Paul Smith* Various fixes; see the ChangeLog.
2000-07-07 Paul Smith* Minor code cleanups
2000-06-23 Paul Smith* Fix PR/1791.
2000-06-23 Paul Smith* Released 3.79.1 3.79.1
2000-06-23 Paul Smith* Fix -q so it works more correctly.
2000-06-22 Paul Smith* Fix PR/1709.
2000-06-20 Paul Smith* A couple of nits.
2000-06-20 Paul Smith* More updates and fixes.
2000-06-19 Paul Smith* Various fixes for problems in the pretest.
2000-06-14 Paul Smith* Typo.
2000-06-14 Paul Smith* More fixes for configuring gettext correctly.
2000-06-13 Paul Smith* Some timestamp fixes from Paul Eggert.
2000-06-07 Paul Smith* Lots of bug fixes and cleanup; new i18n files, etc.
2000-06-01 Paul SmithNew translation files.
2000-04-22 Paul Smith* Various bug fixes.
2000-04-05 Paul Smith* Some final cleanups, and release 3.79. 3.79
2000-04-03 Paul Smith* Fix bug handling archive members: convert timestamp...
2000-03-29 Paul Smith* New config.sub and config.guess 3.78.92
2000-03-27 Paul Smith* Handle case of empty static pattern rule prerequisites.
2000-03-27 Paul Smith* A large number of fixes/enhancements. See the ChangeLog.
2000-03-26 Paul Smith* Ignore attempt to change a file into itself.
2000-02-09 Paul Smith* Fix backslash-escape in targets. 3.78.91
2000-02-09 Paul Smith* Fix some warnings in gettext.c and function.c
2000-02-07 Paul Smith* Fix for dir.c from Andreas Schwab. filedef-cleanup-base
2000-02-05 Paul Smith* Updates for VMS, Windows, and DOS ports.
2000-02-05 Paul Smith* Fix PR/1407.
2000-01-27 Paul Smith* Some pre-pretest release cleanup.
2000-01-25 Paul Smith* Updated gettext to use more advanced libit 0.7 version.
2000-01-23 Paul Smith* A few fixes.
2000-01-22 Paul Smith* Mention it in NEWS.
2000-01-22 Paul Smith* Implement GNU gettext internationalization support...
2000-01-22 Paul Smith* More fixes to VMS by Hartmut Becker.
2000-01-22 Paul Smith* Merge VMS patches by Hartmut Becker.
2000-01-11 Paul Smith* Change $(call...) to not expand arguments by default.
1999-12-18 Paul Smith* Fix problems with double-colon rules.
1999-12-08 Paul Smith* Various changes and fixes. See ChangeLog.
1999-11-27 Paul Smith* Update debugging to use string flags instead of integers.
1999-11-22 Paul Smith* Add new debug header file.
1999-11-22 Paul Smith* Add new debugging output level selection feature.
1999-11-17 Paul Smith* Many cleanups and bugfixes.
1999-10-15 Paul Smith* Fix PR/1394.
1999-10-14 Paul Smith* Ensure -Iglob comes before any user-specified CPPFLAGS.
1999-10-13 Paul Smith* Fix PR/1379: -n/-q behaves correctly when all command...
1999-10-08 Paul Smith* Fix test suite on DOS (PR/1344)
1999-09-29 Paul Smith* Fix for DOS short filenames.
1999-09-23 Paul Smith* Ouch: found a bug where re-exec from changed makefile... 3.78.1
1999-09-22 Paul Smith* Oops. Fix a problem running submakes like $(MAKE... 3.78