2000-02-09 Paul Smith* Fix backslash-escape in targets. 3.78.91
2000-02-09 Paul Smith* Fix some warnings in gettext.c and function.c
2000-02-07 Paul Smith* Fix for dir.c from Andreas Schwab. filedef-cleanup-base
2000-02-05 Paul Smith* Updates for VMS, Windows, and DOS ports.
2000-02-05 Paul Smith* Fix PR/1407.
2000-01-27 Paul Smith* Some pre-pretest release cleanup.
2000-01-25 Paul Smith* Updated gettext to use more advanced libit 0.7 version.
2000-01-23 Paul Smith* A few fixes.
2000-01-22 Paul Smith* Mention it in NEWS.
2000-01-22 Paul Smith* Implement GNU gettext internationalization support...
2000-01-22 Paul Smith* More fixes to VMS by Hartmut Becker.
2000-01-22 Paul Smith* Merge VMS patches by Hartmut Becker.
2000-01-11 Paul Smith* Change $(call...) to not expand arguments by default.
1999-12-18 Paul Smith* Fix problems with double-colon rules.
1999-12-08 Paul Smith* Various changes and fixes. See ChangeLog.
1999-11-27 Paul Smith* Update debugging to use string flags instead of integers.
1999-11-22 Paul Smith* Add new debug header file.
1999-11-22 Paul Smith* Add new debugging output level selection feature.
1999-11-17 Paul Smith* Many cleanups and bugfixes.
1999-10-15 Paul Smith* Fix PR/1394.
1999-10-14 Paul Smith* Ensure -Iglob comes before any user-specified CPPFLAGS.
1999-10-13 Paul Smith* Fix PR/1379: -n/-q behaves correctly when all command...
1999-10-08 Paul Smith* Fix test suite on DOS (PR/1344)
1999-09-29 Paul Smith* Fix for DOS short filenames.
1999-09-23 Paul Smith* Ouch: found a bug where re-exec from changed makefile... 3.78.1
1999-09-22 Paul Smith* Oops. Fix a problem running submakes like $(MAKE... 3.78
1999-09-17 Paul Smith* Fix escaping from perl to the shell.
1999-09-17 Paul Smith* A few script fixes and updates for 3.78.
1999-09-16 Paul Smith* Some minor pre-release updates.
1999-09-16 Paul Smith* Fix some tests.
1999-09-15 Paul Smith* Cleanup the test suite.
1999-09-14 Paul Smith* Added the test suite to the main distribution.
1999-09-14 Paul Smith* Some configuration fixes.
1999-09-11 Paul Smith* Various cleanups for release.
1999-09-11 Paul Smith* Various pre-release cleanups.
1999-09-06 Paul Smith* Some doc and help changes.
1999-09-04 Paul Smith* Fix for infinite recursion.
1999-09-03 Paul Smith* Removed a memory stomp (reading freed memory).
1999-09-02 Paul Smith* A few W32 fixes for backslash support.
1999-09-01 Paul Smith* A bugfix on MAKEFLAGS options creation that broke...
1999-09-01 Paul Smith* Added config.guess/config.sub for new autoconf tests.
1999-08-31 Paul Smith* Large file support for AIX, HP-UX, and IRIX.
1999-08-25 Paul Smith* A few cleanups, and 3.77.94 release. 3.77.94
1999-08-24 Paul Smith* Terminology change in docs and code.
1999-08-23 Paul Smith* Fix jobserver algorithm again.
1999-08-23 Paul Smith* Start rewrite of jobserver to avoid unique tokens...
1999-08-22 Paul Smith* Various changes.
1999-08-19 Paul Smith* Code cleanup.
1999-08-13 Paul Smith* Rework jobserver yet one more time.
1999-08-12 Paul Smith* Some DOS fixes.
1999-08-01 Paul Smith* Release 3.77.92. 3.77.92
1999-08-01 Paul Smith* Applied some DOS updates.
1999-07-28 Paul Smith* Add gettext macros to start i18n support.
1999-07-26 Paul Smith* Update the manual.
1999-07-24 Paul Smith* Forgot ChangeLog.
1999-07-24 Paul Smith* Some configure fixes.
1999-07-23 Paul Smith* Bugfix for NT archive support.
1999-07-22 Paul Smith* Make some portability fixes. 3.77.90
1999-07-22 Paul Smith* Update the AUTHORS file.
1999-07-22 Paul Smith* Fix backward incompatibility in new function implemen...
1999-07-22 Paul Smith* Installed new versions of GLIBC glob library.
1999-07-21 Paul Smith* Installed VMS fixes.
1999-07-21 Paul Smith* Add configure option to enable dmalloc library.
1999-07-20 Paul Smith* Fix memory leaks, fd leaks, and some long-standing...
1999-07-18 Karl Berrypdfimage takes braces
1999-07-16 Paul Smith* Fix some memory and file descriptor leaks.
1999-07-16 Paul Smith* Various bug fixes.
1999-07-15 Paul Smith* Fix up and document $(apply ...) function.
1999-07-13 Paul EggertSync to version of 1999-07-06.
1999-07-09 Paul Smith* Fixed error rebuilding makefiles with -j>1
1999-07-08 Paul Smith* Minor code cleanup.
1999-07-08 Paul Smith* Added -R / --no-builtin-variables flag.
1999-07-06 Paul Smith* Various bugfixes/updates. See ChangeLog.
1999-06-14 Paul Smith* Various bug fixes.
1999-06-14 Paul Smith* Various bug fixes.
1999-04-25 Paul Smith* Add new jobserver feature.
1999-04-13 Paul SmithClean up some logic.
1999-04-09 Paul SmithIf a file declared .INTERMEDIATE already exists before...
1999-04-02 Paul Smith* Fix possible memory stomp.
1999-03-31 Paul Smith* Ignore CR in CRLF line terminators for compatibility...
1999-03-31 Karl Berry * texinfo.tex (\defopheader): missing word space befor...
1999-03-30 Paul Smith* More build fixes. I think a vanilla CVS checkout...
1999-03-27 Karl Berry * texinfo.tex (\imagexxx): Equalize space above and...
1999-03-26 Paul Smith* Manual updates: added xrefs, some typos sent by users.
1999-03-26 Paul Smith* Reworked function.c to use separate functions instead...
1999-03-24 Karl Berry * texinfo.tex (&): be sure active & is defined for...
1999-03-20 Karl Berry * texinfo.tex: Changes from Andreas to use \sl\$ insid...
1999-03-19 Paul Smith* Add strneq() (streq only n chars) macro
1999-03-16 Karl Berry * texinfo.tex (\imagexxx): reset catcode ^^M in case...
1999-03-15 Karl Berry * texinfo.tex (\putwordin): new macro for word `in'.
1999-03-05 Paul Smith* Define and use xstrdup() instead of strdup().
1999-03-05 Paul Smith* Update FSF address info in copyright notices.
1999-03-04 Paul SmithFix a bug where conditional variables weren't being...
1999-02-22 Karl Berry * texinfo.tex: Expand tabs.
1999-02-22 Paul Smith* New feature: .LIBPATTERNS controls the way -lfoo...
1999-02-19 Paul Smith* Updates for automake 1.4 and autoconf 2.13
1999-02-15 Karl Berry * texinfo.tex (\paragraphindent): implement.
1999-02-09 Karl Berry * texinfo.tex: New commands @alias and @definfoenclose.
1999-02-08 Karl Berry * texinfo.tex (\scanmacro): Use \endinput to avoid...
1999-02-05 Karl Berry * texinfo.tex (\uref): implement optional third arg.