Update copyright notices.
[libreoffice:gnu-make-lo.git] / misc.c
2012-01-16 Paul SmithUpdate copyright notices.
2011-11-14 Paul SmithChanges to resolve warnings.
2010-11-06 Paul SmithImprove backslash/newline handling to adhere to POSIX...
2010-07-19 Paul Smith- Many fixup patches from Savannah.
2010-07-16 Boris KolpackovFix buffer overrun in concat().
2010-07-13 Paul SmithUpdate copyrights for 2010.
2009-10-25 Paul SmithUpdate copyright years.
2009-09-24 Paul Smith- Rework secondary expansion so we only defer it if...
2009-09-16 Paul Smith- Add xcalloc() and call it
2009-06-04 Paul Smith- Modify access of config and gnulib Savannah modules...
2009-05-24 Paul SmithFound this change in an old CVS workspace: rewrite...
2007-07-04 Paul Smith* Update to GPLv3
2007-05-09 Paul SmithFix Savannah bug #19656: rationalize our use of case...
2007-03-20 Paul SmithThis is a major update, which switches virtually every...
2006-04-09 Paul SmithAnother round of cleanups:
2006-04-01 Paul SmithRelease GNU make 3.81.
2006-03-17 Boris KolpackovFixed Savannah bug #16053.
2006-02-11 Paul SmithLast of the copyright updates.
2006-02-11 Paul SmithMore copyright/license updates.
2005-10-24 Paul SmithMake second expansion optional (partial implementation).
2005-06-25 Paul SmithFix Savannah bug #1454: skip over semicolons (and comme...
2005-06-12 Paul SmithFix Savannah bug # 1328: if stdout is redirected to...
2005-02-28 Paul Smith* New feature: -L option
2005-02-27 Boris KolpackovImplementation of the .DEFAULT_TARGET special variable.
2005-02-27 Boris KolpackovImplementation of the second expansion in explicit
2004-09-21 Paul SmithRemove sindex() and replace with strstr().
2004-03-06 Paul SmithDon't use __STDC__; some compilers don't set it properly.
2004-03-04 Paul SmithUpdates to automate generation of GNU upload artifacts.
2004-02-23 Paul SmithNumerous fixes: patches for OS/2; core for -f ''; makef...
2004-01-07 Paul SmithFix order-only prerequisites for pattern rules. (Savann...
2003-01-30 Paul SmithPortability fix for glob.h building in FreeBSD ports...
2002-10-14 Paul SmithConvert the source code to use ANSI C style function...
2002-09-12 Paul SmithFixups for the release. One bug fix, some automake...
2002-09-11 Paul SmithFix HAVE_BROKEN_RESTART logic.
2002-09-10 Paul SmithAdd support for broken SA_RESTART on PTX.
2002-08-08 Paul SmithChange the version.
2002-07-11 Paul SmithInstall Greg McGary's patches to port the id-utils...
2002-07-08 Paul SmithMajor updates in preparation for 3.80.
2002-05-10 Paul SmithFix Debian bug #144306: pass target-specific variables...
2001-08-19 Paul SmithInstalled the da.po (Danish) translation file.
2000-06-20 Paul Smith* More updates and fixes.
2000-06-07 Paul Smith* Lots of bug fixes and cleanup; new i18n files, etc.
1999-11-22 Paul Smith* Add new debugging output level selection feature.
1999-10-15 Paul Smith* Fix PR/1394.
1999-07-28 Paul Smith* Add gettext macros to start i18n support.
1999-07-21 Paul Smith* Add configure option to enable dmalloc library.
1999-03-19 Paul Smith* Add strneq() (streq only n chars) macro
1999-03-05 Paul Smith* Define and use xstrdup() instead of strdup().
1999-03-05 Paul Smith* Update FSF address info in copyright notices.
1998-10-03 Paul SmithCheckpoint changes. Bug fixes, mostly.
1998-07-30 Paul SmithGNU make release 3.77.
1997-08-27 Paul SmithUpdates for GNU make 3.75.92.
1997-04-07 Paul SmithChanges for make 3.75.1
1996-05-22 Roland McGrathWed May 15 10:14:14 CDT 1996 Rob Tulloh <tulloh@tivol...
1996-03-20 Roland McGrathTue Mar 19 20:21:34 1996 Roland McGrath <roland@charl...
1995-12-12 Roland McGrath(collapse_continuations): Fix skipping of trailing...
1995-12-12 Roland McGrath(safe_stat): Function removed.
1995-11-26 Roland McGrath(message): Take new arg PREFIX. Print "make: " only...
1995-03-10 Roland McGrathChanged find_char_unquote callers here too.
1995-02-22 Roland McGrath(strerror): Fix swapped args in sprintf.
1994-07-04 Roland McGrath(safe_stat): New function, EINTR-safe wrapper around...
1994-05-23 Roland McGrath[GETLOADAVG_PRIVILEGED] [POSIX]: Remove bogus #ifndefs...
1994-05-21 Roland McGrath[GETLOADAVG_PRIVILEGED] [POSIX]: Don't test [HAVE_SETUI... 3.71
1994-05-17 Roland McGrath[GETLOADAVG_PRIVILEGED] [! POSIX]: Undefine HAVE_SETEUI...
1994-04-21 Roland McGrath(remove_comments): Use find_char_unquote.
1994-04-21 Roland McGrath[HAVE_SETEUID]: Declare seteuid.
1994-04-21 Roland McGrath(fatal, makefile_fatal): Die with 2; 1 is reserved...
1994-03-23 Roland McGrathentered into RCS
1994-03-04 Roland McGrathFormerly misc.c.~31~
1994-02-16 Roland McGrathFormerly misc.c.~30~
1994-02-03 Roland McGrathFormerly misc.c.~29~
1993-12-02 Roland McGrathFormerly misc.c.~28~
1993-08-01 Roland McGrathFormerly misc.c.~27~
1993-04-15 Roland McGrathFormerly misc.c.~26~
1993-04-14 Roland McGrathFormerly misc.c.~25~
1993-02-21 Roland McGrathFormerly misc.c.~24~
1993-01-22 Roland McGrathFormerly misc.c.~23~
1993-01-13 Roland McGrathFormerly misc.c.~22~
1993-01-11 Roland McGrathFormerly misc.c.~21~
1993-01-08 Roland McGrathFormerly misc.c.~20~
1993-01-05 Roland McGrathFormerly misc.c.~19~
1992-10-15 Roland McGrathFormerly misc.c.~18~
1992-06-11 Roland McGrathFormerly misc.c.~17~
1992-04-29 Roland McGrathFormerly misc.c.~16~
1992-01-17 Roland McGrathFormerly misc.c.~15~
1991-10-07 Roland McGrathInitial revision