Rename the -O "job" mode to "line" and "make" to "recurse".
[libreoffice:gnu-make-lo.git] / getloadavg.c
2013-01-20 Paul SmithRename the make.h file to makeint.h for internal use...
2012-03-05 Paul SmithSimplify copyrights using ranges of years.
2012-03-04 Paul SmithConvert all "`'" quotes to "''" per new GNU Coding...
2012-01-16 Paul SmithUpdate copyright notices.
2010-07-13 Paul SmithUpdate copyrights for 2010.
2009-10-25 Paul SmithUpdate copyright years.
2007-07-04 Paul Smith* Update to GPLv3
2006-04-09 Paul SmithAnother round of cleanups:
2006-02-11 Paul SmithLast of the copyright updates.
2006-02-11 Paul SmithMore copyright/license updates.
2004-05-16 Paul SmithVarious enhancements
2002-10-14 Paul SmithConvert the source code to use ANSI C style function...
2002-05-10 Paul SmithFix Debian bug #144306: pass target-specific variables...
2002-04-22 Paul SmithUpdates and fixes for CVS builds.
1999-07-20 Paul Smith* Fix memory leaks, fd leaks, and some long-standing...
1998-10-03 Paul SmithCheckpoint changes. Bug fixes, mostly.
1998-09-27 Richard M. StallmanTreat __GNU__ line NeXT: undefine BSD and FSCALE.
1998-07-30 Paul SmithGNU make release 3.77.
1997-07-22 Richard M. StallmanTest `__unix' along with `unix'.
1997-07-15 Jim MeyeringAdd comment describing HAVE_PSTAT_GETDYNAMIC.
1997-07-06 Richard M. Stallman[OSF_ALPHA]: Include sys/mbuf.h, sys/socket.h, net...
1997-07-04 Richard M. Stallman[__GNU__]: Test for not NeXT.
1997-04-07 Paul SmithLast-minute changed for 3.75.1
1997-04-07 Paul SmithChanges for make 3.75.1
1997-02-23 Miles Bader[__GNU__] (NeXT, host_self):
1997-01-16 Jim Meyering[hpux && HAVE_PSTAT_GETDYNAMIC]: Use HPUX's pstat_getdy...
1996-10-10 Jim Meyering[__hpux]: Define hpux. From Eric Backus.
1996-09-10 Richard M. Stallman(getloadavg): Add new code for SUNOS_5 to use -lkstat.
1996-05-28 Karl Heuer[SOLARIS2]: Define SUNOS_5.
1996-05-22 Roland McGrath[WIN32]: No-op as for [MSDOS].
1996-02-01 Karl HeuerUpdate FSF address in comment.
1995-12-28 Richard M. Stallman(getloadavg) [MSDOS]: Return 0 load instead of failing...
1995-08-07 Roland McGrath[ps2]: Use nlist instead of knlist #ifdef _AIX.
1995-08-01 Roland McGrath(getloadavg): Set FD_CLOEXEC flag on /dev/kmem file...
1995-06-20 Roland McGrath[convex] (LOAD_AVE_TYPE, LDAV_CVT): Define to double...
1995-05-10 Roland McGrathAIX support from Tim Bell <>:
1995-01-07 Roland McGrathInclude config.h first.
1994-10-27 Roland McGrath[alliant && i860] (FSCALE): Move defn before #ifndef...
1994-09-28 Roland McGrath[alliant && i860] (LOAD_AVE_TYPE, FSCALE, NLIST_STRUCT...
1994-09-26 David J. MacKenzieREMOVE CONFIG_BROKETS
1994-09-17 Richard M. Stallman(getloadavg): Add OSF_ALPHA support.
1994-06-04 Roland McGrathPut #include of errno.h and decl of errno before #ifnde...
1993-11-03 Roland McGrathentered into RCS
1993-10-03 Roland McGrath*** empty log message ***
1993-09-20 Roland McGrath*** empty log message ***
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1993-05-20 Roland McGrathInitial revision