Support --output-sync on MS-Windows.
[libreoffice:gnu-make-lo.git] / expand.c
2013-01-20 Paul SmithRename struct floc to typedef gmk_floc as an externally...
2013-01-20 Paul SmithRename the make.h file to makeint.h for internal use...
2012-03-05 Paul SmithSimplify copyrights using ranges of years.
2012-03-04 Paul SmithEnsure appending private variables in pattern-specific...
2012-03-04 Paul SmithConvert all "`'" quotes to "''" per new GNU Coding...
2012-01-16 Paul SmithUpdate copyright notices.
2011-08-29 Paul SmithSave strings we're expanding in case an embedded eval...
2011-05-07 Paul SmithEnsure private variables are not used when appending...
2010-07-13 Paul SmithUpdate copyrights for 2010.
2009-10-25 Paul SmithUpdate copyright years.
2009-09-24 Paul Smith- Rework secondary expansion so we only defer it if...
2009-08-02 Paul Smith- Fix Savannah bug #27093
2007-07-04 Paul Smith* Update to GPLv3
2007-06-19 Paul SmithFix a core dump when reading_file is 0 (20033).
2007-03-20 Paul SmithThis is a major update, which switches virtually every...
2006-11-18 Paul SmithFix from Eli for incorrect value of $(MAKE) on Cygwin.
2006-04-09 Paul SmithAnother round of cleanups:
2006-04-07 Paul SmithCode cleanup: Remove all references to PARAMS() &...
2006-03-15 Paul SmithFix Savannah bug #15913.
2006-03-10 Paul SmithNumerous updates to tests for issues found on Cygwin...
2006-02-20 Paul Smith- Memory cleanups, found with valgrind.
2006-02-15 Paul SmithFix Savannah bug #106: keep separate track of which...
2006-02-11 Paul SmithLast of the copyright updates.
2006-02-11 Paul SmithUpdate copyright and license notices on all files.
2005-07-12 Paul SmithVarious minor updates and code cleanups.
2005-02-27 Boris KolpackovImplementation of the second expansion in explicit
2004-09-21 Paul SmithFix some bugs in variable pattern substitution (e.g...
2004-03-22 Paul SmithNumerous updates and bug fixes.
2003-11-04 Paul SmithFix bugs 5798 and 6195.
2003-01-30 Paul SmithEnhancement (bug #2407) Make error messages more clear.
2002-10-25 Paul SmithFix eval bugs 1516 and 1517.
2002-10-14 Paul SmithConvert the source code to use ANSI C style function...
2002-10-05 Paul SmithFix core dump on malformed variable line (Debian bug...
2002-07-11 Paul SmithInstall Greg McGary's patches to port the id-utils...
2002-05-10 Paul SmithFix Debian bug #144306: pass target-specific variables...
2001-01-21 Paul SmithSome bug fixes and document updates.
2000-06-19 Paul Smith* Various fixes for problems in the pretest.
2000-06-07 Paul Smith* Lots of bug fixes and cleanup; new i18n files, etc.
2000-03-27 Paul Smith* A large number of fixes/enhancements. See the ChangeLog.
2000-02-07 Paul Smith* Fix for dir.c from Andreas Schwab. filedef-cleanup-base
2000-02-05 Paul Smith* Fix PR/1407.
2000-01-11 Paul Smith* Change $(call...) to not expand arguments by default.
1999-11-17 Paul Smith* Many cleanups and bugfixes.
1999-10-15 Paul Smith* Fix PR/1394.
1999-08-13 Paul Smith* Rework jobserver yet one more time.
1999-07-28 Paul Smith* Add gettext macros to start i18n support.
1999-06-14 Paul Smith* Various bug fixes.
1999-03-05 Paul Smith* Update FSF address info in copyright notices.
1998-10-03 Paul SmithCheckpoint changes. Bug fixes, mostly.
1998-07-30 Paul SmithGNU make release 3.77.
1996-03-20 Roland McGrathTue Mar 19 20:21:34 1996 Roland McGrath <roland@charl...
1995-02-06 Roland McGrathCast results of `alloca' to `char *' in two places.
1995-01-15 Roland McGrath(variable_expand): Fix braino in last change. 3.72.4
1995-01-15 Roland McGrath(variable_expand): Rewrote computed variable name and...
1993-08-30 Roland McGrathentered into RCS
1993-06-25 Roland McGrathFormerly expand.c.~9~
1993-05-06 Roland McGrathFormerly expand.c.~8~
1993-02-03 Roland McGrathFormerly expand.c.~7~
1992-12-22 Roland McGrathFormerly expand.c.~6~
1992-10-25 Roland McGrathFormerly expand.c.~5~
1992-06-16 Roland McGrathFormerly expand.c.~4~
1992-06-12 Roland McGrathFormerly expand.c.~3~
1992-06-11 Roland McGrathFormerly expand.c.~2~
1991-09-13 Roland McGrathInitial revision