Update copyright notices.
[libreoffice:gnu-make-lo.git] / config.h.W32.template
2012-01-16 Paul SmithUpdate copyright notices.
2012-01-15 Paul SmithAdd GNU Guile as an optional embedded scripting languag...
2011-11-15 Paul SmithEnable jobserver on W32 when using configure.
2010-07-19 Paul Smith- Many fixup patches from Savannah.
2010-07-13 Paul SmithUpdate copyrights for 2010.
2010-07-09 Eli Zaretskiiconfig.h.W32.template (pid_t): Add a definition for...
2009-10-25 Paul SmithUpdate copyright years.
2007-12-22 Eli Zaretskiiconfig.h.W32: Include sys/types.h.
2007-07-04 Paul Smith* Update to GPLv3
2007-05-09 Paul SmithFix Savannah bug #19656: rationalize our use of case...
2006-10-01 Paul SmithFixed a number of documentation bugs, plus some build...
2006-04-01 Paul SmithRelease GNU make 3.81.
2006-02-11 Paul SmithLast of the copyright updates.
2006-02-11 Paul SmithUpdate copyright and license notices on all files.
2006-02-06 Paul SmithUpdates to Windows stuff from Markus Mauhart.
2006-02-01 Paul SmithVarious updates, mainly to the Windows port, from Eli...
2006-01-04 Paul SmithVarious changes getting ready for the release of 3.81.
2005-07-12 Paul SmithVarious minor updates and code cleanups.
2004-03-06 Paul SmithDon't use __STDC__; some compilers don't set it properly.
2004-02-25 Paul SmithAdd in HAVE_STDARG_H to the various port config files.
2002-08-10 Paul SmithUpdate to a new version of automake and gettext.
2002-07-08 Paul SmithVarious cleanups reported by people using the alpha...
2000-06-20 Paul Smith* A couple of nits.
2000-06-20 Paul Smith* More updates and fixes.
2000-04-22 Paul Smith* Various bug fixes.
1999-09-01 Paul Smith* A bugfix on MAKEFLAGS options creation that broke...
1999-08-31 Paul Smith* Large file support for AIX, HP-UX, and IRIX.
1999-04-25 Paul Smith* Add new jobserver feature.
1998-10-03 Paul SmithCheckpoint changes. Bug fixes, mostly.
1998-07-30 Paul SmithGNU make release 3.77.
1997-08-27 Paul SmithUpdated for GNU make 3.75.92.
1997-04-07 Paul SmithChanges for make 3.75.1
1996-05-22 Roland McGrathWed May 15 10:14:14 CDT 1996 Rob Tulloh <tulloh@tivol...