Rename the -O "job" mode to "line" and "make" to "recurse".
[libreoffice:gnu-make-lo.git] / commands.c
2013-05-03 Eli ZaretskiiFix interfacing with and remaking dynamic objects on...
2013-01-20 Paul SmithRename the make.h file to makeint.h for internal use...
2012-03-05 Paul SmithSimplify copyrights using ranges of years.
2012-03-04 Paul SmithConvert all "`'" quotes to "''" per new GNU Coding...
2012-01-16 Paul SmithUpdate copyright notices.
2010-11-06 Paul SmithImprove backslash/newline handling to adhere to POSIX...
2010-07-13 Paul SmithUpdate copyrights for 2010.
2010-07-12 Paul SmithAdd the beginning of the .ONESHELL special feature.
2009-10-25 Paul SmithUpdate copyright years.
2009-10-25 Paul SmithVarious simple code cleanups.
2009-10-07 Boris KolpackovMinor fix and code rework.
2009-10-06 Boris KolpackovFix savannah bug 25780. Optimize things a bit.
2009-09-24 Paul Smith- Rework secondary expansion so we only defer it if...
2009-09-16 Paul Smith- Add xcalloc() and call it
2009-06-13 Paul Smith- Fix Savannah bug 17825
2009-05-24 Paul SmithFound this change in an old CVS workspace: rewrite...
2007-11-04 Paul SmithNew special variable: .RECIPEPREFIX
2007-07-04 Paul Smith* Update to GPLv3
2007-03-20 Paul SmithThis is a major update, which switches virtually every...
2006-11-18 Paul SmithFix from Eli for incorrect value of $(MAKE) on Cygwin.
2006-04-09 Paul SmithAnother round of cleanups:
2006-04-07 Paul SmithCode cleanup: Remove all references to PARAMS() &...
2006-02-20 Paul Smith- Memory cleanups, found with valgrind.
2006-02-11 Paul SmithLast of the copyright updates.
2006-02-11 Paul SmithUpdate copyright and license notices on all files.
2005-08-08 Paul Smith- Fixed a bug reported by Michael Matz regarding handli...
2005-03-04 Paul Smith- Missing docs for $|
2005-02-27 Boris KolpackovImplementation of the second expansion in explicit
2004-09-21 Paul SmithRemove sindex() and replace with strstr().
2004-05-16 Paul SmithVarious enhancements
2004-02-24 Paul SmithMany compiler warning cleanups.
2003-01-30 Paul SmithPortability fix for glob.h building in FreeBSD ports...
2002-10-14 Paul SmithConvert the source code to use ANSI C style function...
2002-10-13 Paul SmithFix bug#1379: don't use alloca() where it could overrun...
2002-09-12 Paul SmithFixups for the release. One bug fix, some automake...
2002-07-09 Paul SmithDocumentation and tests for order-only prerequisites.
2002-07-08 Paul SmithVarious cleanups reported by people using the alpha...
2001-05-21 Paul SmithSome VMS fixes sent by John Fowler.
2000-06-13 Paul Smith* Some timestamp fixes from Paul Eggert.
2000-06-07 Paul Smith* Lots of bug fixes and cleanup; new i18n files, etc.
2000-02-05 Paul Smith* Fix PR/1407.
1999-10-15 Paul Smith* Fix PR/1394.
1999-10-13 Paul Smith* Fix PR/1379: -n/-q behaves correctly when all command...
1999-07-28 Paul Smith* Add gettext macros to start i18n support.
1999-07-21 Paul Smith* Add configure option to enable dmalloc library.
1999-07-20 Paul Smith* Fix memory leaks, fd leaks, and some long-standing...
1999-06-14 Paul Smith* Various bug fixes.
1999-03-05 Paul Smith* Update FSF address info in copyright notices.
1998-10-03 Paul SmithCheckpoint changes. Bug fixes, mostly.
1997-08-27 Paul SmithUpdates for GNU make 3.75.92.
1997-04-07 Paul SmithChanges for make 3.75.1
1996-05-09 Roland McGrathThu May 9 13:54:49 1996 Roland McGrath <roland@delas...
1996-05-09 Roland McGrathThu May 9 13:54:49 1996 Roland McGrath <roland@delas...
1996-03-20 Roland McGrathTue Mar 19 20:21:34 1996 Roland McGrath <roland@charl...
1995-12-12 Roland McGrathUse plain stat instead of safe_stat.
1995-09-09 Roland McGrath(delete_target): Ignore unlink failure if it is ENOENT.
1994-09-29 Roland McGrath(set_file_variables): Define new automatic variable...
1994-07-25 Roland McGrath(fatal_error_signal) [__MSDOS__]: Just remove intermedi...
1994-07-25 Roland McGrath(set_file_variables): Add parens in length computation...
1994-07-04 Roland McGrath(delete_target): Use safe_stat in place of stat.
1994-04-21 Roland McGrathUndo last change; reverted to revision 1.22.
1994-04-21 Roland McGrath(chop_commands): Fix braino in last change (failed...
1994-04-21 Roland McGrath(chop_commands): Use find_char_unquote to find newlines.
1994-04-06 Roland McGrath(fatal_error_signal): Don't unblock signals.
1994-02-16 Roland McGrathentered into RCS
1994-01-25 Roland McGrathFormerly commands.c.~20~
1993-09-17 Roland McGrathFormerly commands.c.~19~
1993-05-06 Roland McGrathFormerly commands.c.~18~
1993-02-21 Roland McGrathFormerly commands.c.~17~
1993-02-05 Roland McGrathFormerly commands.c.~16~
1993-01-28 Roland McGrathFormerly commands.c.~15~
1993-01-06 Roland McGrathFormerly commands.c.~14~
1992-12-22 Roland McGrathFormerly commands.c.~13~
1992-10-25 Roland McGrathFormerly commands.c.~12~
1992-10-09 Roland McGrathFormerly commands.c.~11~
1992-09-09 Roland McGrathFormerly commands.c.~10~
1992-07-13 Roland McGrathFormerly commands.c.~9~
1992-07-05 Roland McGrathFormerly commands.c.~8~
1992-06-16 Roland McGrathFormerly commands.c.~7~
1992-06-11 Roland McGrathFormerly commands.c.~6~
1992-06-03 Roland McGrathFormerly commands.c.~5~
1992-06-03 Roland McGrathFormerly commands.c.~4~
1992-04-21 Roland McGrathFormerly commands.c.~3~
1992-03-31 Roland McGrathFormerly commands.c.~2~
1991-10-08 Roland McGrathInitial revision