Rename the -O "job" mode to "line" and "make" to "recurse".
[libreoffice:gnu-make-lo.git] / build_w32.bat
2013-05-03 Eli ZaretskiiFix interfacing with and remaking dynamic objects on...
2013-04-27 Paul SmithMerge branch 'master' of
2013-04-27 Eli ZaretskiiSupport --output-sync on MS-Windows.
2013-04-25 Eli ZaretskiiImprove MS-Windows build scripts.
2013-04-21 Stefano LattariniReflect the '' -> '' rename...
2013-04-16 Paul SmithSome cleanups for Windows builds after the output-sync...
2013-01-13 Paul SmithModify instructions, etc. for Git support.
2012-03-05 Paul SmithSimplify copyrights using ranges of years.
2012-01-29 Paul SmithCreate a new function $(file ...)
2012-01-28 Eli Zaretskii Support a Windows build with Guile.
2012-01-16 Paul SmithUpdate copyright notices.
2012-01-15 Paul SmithAdd GNU Guile as an optional embedded scripting languag...
2010-07-13 Paul SmithUpdate copyrights for 2010.
2010-07-12 Paul SmithFixes to build_w32.bat for building with MSVC 64bit.
2009-10-25 Paul SmithUpdate copyright years.
2008-09-30 Eli Zaretskii * build_w32.bat (GCCBuild): Use "-gdwarf-2 -g3" instead of
2007-10-10 Paul SmithSome Windows fixes to allow builds to succeed.
2007-07-04 Paul Smith* Update to GPLv3
2006-02-11 Paul SmithLast of the copyright updates.
2006-02-11 Paul SmithUpdate copyright and license notices on all files.
2005-08-08 Paul Smith- Fixed a bug reported by Michael Matz regarding handli...
2005-07-04 Paul SmithVarious fixes and updates from testers of the beta3...
2004-02-24 Paul SmithMany compiler warning cleanups.
2002-11-19 Paul SmithAdd hash.c etc. to various non-UNIX makefiles.
2001-01-21 Paul SmithSome bug fixes and document updates.
1999-07-06 Paul Smith* Various bugfixes/updates. See ChangeLog.
1997-08-27 Paul SmithUpdates for GNU make 3.75.92.
1997-04-07 Paul SmithChanges for make 3.75.1
1996-07-19 Roland McGrath3.74.6
1996-05-22 Roland McGrathWed May 15 10:14:14 CDT 1996 Rob Tulloh <tulloh@tivol...