* Fix for DOS short filenames.
[libreoffice:gnu-make-lo.git] / acconfig.h
1999-04-25 Paul Smith* Add new jobserver feature.
1998-10-03 Paul SmithCheckpoint changes. Bug fixes, mostly.
1997-08-18 Paul SmithBug fixes and automake changes.
1996-01-06 Roland McGrath(HAVE_SYSCONF_OPEN_MAX): #undef removed.
1995-02-05 Roland McGrathAdded #undef HAVE_SYSCONF_OPEN_MAX.
1994-11-08 Roland McGrathAdd #undef HAVE_UNION_WAIT.
1994-09-09 Roland McGrathAdd HAVE_SYS_SIGLIST and HAVE__SYS_SIGLIST. 3.71.2
1993-12-14 Roland McGrathentered into RCS
1993-04-16 Roland McGrathInitial revision