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2013-12-30 Ana Isabel... Added new version of propcourier italic. master
2013-12-30 Ana Isabel... Added first version of PropCourierSans Italic.
2013-01-09 Ana Isabel... Updated PropCourierSans font info for all three weights...
2013-01-09 Ana Isabel... Updated PropCourierSans's Medium weight font info.
2013-01-09 Ana Isabel... Corrected PropCourierSans Medium weight's name. The...
2012-09-09 Ricardo LafuenteUpdated the FONTLOG to reflect the latest updates
2012-09-09 Ricardo LafuenteRearranged dir structure to accomodate @greyscalepress...
2012-09-08 Manuel SchmalstiegAdding a fontlog file (must be completed by @manufactur... 3
2012-09-08 Manuel SchmalstiegRudimentary (incomplete) version of a medium weight. 2
2012-09-08 Manuel SchmalstiegVersion of 1.4 with better positioning of diacritics. 1
2012-04-08 Ricardo LafuentePropCourier Sans kerning update for 1.4
2011-08-17 Ricardo LafuenteAdding PropCourier 1.3
2011-03-08 Ricardo LafuenteSome more tweaks made in PropCourier Sans Bold
2011-03-08 Ricardo LafuenteUpdated the bold weight of PropCourier Sans
2011-03-07 Ricardo LafuenteSomehow forgot double quotes. This is the final version...
2011-03-07 Ricardo LafuenteVersion 1.2 of PropCourier Sans, see the FONTLOG for...
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