2013-07-31 Eric Seigneadd #if QT version 4.7 to build on Qt 4.6
2013-07-31 Eric Seigneuse abuledunetworkaccessmanager -> proxy settings
2013-07-31 Eric Seignecorrige un bug du merge precedent sur application.h
2013-07-31 Eric SeigneMerge tag 'v2.1.0'
2013-05-01 Claudio Valerioupdate french translation
2013-05-01 Claudio Valeriofixed version
2013-05-01 Claudio Valerioupdated french tips
2013-04-30 Claudio Valeriomodified gui for mac installer
2013-04-30 Claudio Valerioupdate releases notes
2013-04-30 Claudio Valerioupdated english start up hints
2013-04-30 Claudio Valeriofixed french translation
2013-04-30 Claudio Valerioadded LICENSE.txt
2013-04-30 Claudio Valeriofixed tooltip for bookmark button
2013-04-30 Claudio Valerioupdated french translation
2013-04-30 Claudio Valerioupdated version
2013-04-30 Claudio Valerioremoved timeout
2013-04-29 Claudio Valerioupdated startup hints
2013-04-26 Claudio ValerioMerge branch 'master' of
2013-04-26 Claudio Valeriofixed issue on duplicate thubmnails
2013-04-26 Claudio Valeriofixed issue with the links on the about pannel
2013-04-25 Claudio ValerioRemoved characters incorrectly handled when used on...
2013-04-25 Claudio Valeriofixed dnd from board on windows
2013-04-24 Éric Seigneactualisation des branches externes abuledu
2013-04-24 Claudio Valeriofixed name issue
2013-04-23 Claudio Valerioupdated version
2013-04-23 Claudio Valeriohack before define proper directory for data
2013-04-22 Claudio Valeriofixed magic finger and cursor behavior
2013-04-22 Claudio Valeriofixed dnd and move with cursor
2013-04-22 Claudio Valerioremoved unused builder script
2013-04-19 Claudio Valeriomagic finger on pictures
2013-04-19 Claudio Valeriotime out updated
2013-04-19 Claudio Valerioadded basque
2013-04-18 Claudio Valerioupdated copyright
2013-04-18 Claudio Valerioupdated copyright
2013-04-18 Claudio Valerioupdated copyright
2013-04-18 Eric SeigneMerge commit '1e1b0f563db11f60a1a8cd2f15c2db4a957f5c5f'
2013-04-17 bmagninVersion 2.10.00-rc3
2013-04-17 bmagninessai image
2013-01-31 Claudio Valeriofixed licence to gpl3
2012-11-25 Eric Seignedebian/changelog renamed to version number 2.0.0
2012-11-25 Eric SeigneMerge branch 'master' of git://
2012-11-25 Éric Seigneui changes for proxy settings
2012-11-25 Eric SeigneMerge branch 'master' of git://
2012-11-25 Éric SeigneMerge commit 'v2.00.00'
2012-11-20 Claudio Valeriofixe copyright
2012-11-20 Claudio Valerioupdated releases note
2012-11-20 Claudio Valerioremoved undone retro romansh
2012-11-20 Claudio Valeriochanged default tool when switching to the board mode
2012-11-20 Claudio Valeriofixed url for label
2012-11-20 bmagninWording in en help
2012-11-20 bmagninMerge branch 'release-candidate' of
2012-11-20 bmagninWording for interactivities
2012-11-20 Claudio ValerioMerge branch 'release-candidate' of
2012-11-20 Claudio Valerioadded traditional and simplified Chinese on language...
2012-11-20 Claudio Valerioupdated Simplified Chinese
2012-11-20 Claudio Valerioadded traditional Chinese
2012-11-20 Claudio Valerioadded simplified chinese traslation file
2012-11-20 bmagninMerge branch 'release-candidate' of
2012-11-20 bmagninWording in interactivites help
2012-11-20 Claudio Valerioupdated version
2012-11-19 bmagnininter activities en help : tables, train, transformation
2012-11-19 bmagnininteractivities help en : selectionner, sep phrase...
2012-11-19 bmagnininter activities en help : order images, lettres, mots...
2012-11-19 bmagnininter activities en help : étudier, mopion, memory
2012-11-19 bmagninInteractivities help en dés, enveloppe
2012-11-19 bmagninInteractivities help en : cat image, cat text, choisir...
2012-11-19 bmagninHebrew translation for 2.00
2012-11-19 bmagninInteractivity help : cadran, calcul
2012-11-19 Aleksei KanashMerge branch 'release-candidate' of
2012-11-19 Aleksei KanashUndo for duplicated items works for groups.
2012-11-19 bmagninAss sons, ass images, balance help wording
2012-11-19 Claudio Valerio& error and readonly added to text
2012-11-19 Claudio ValerioMerge git://
2012-11-19 Aleksei KanashUndo stack used for duplicated items like strokes.
2012-11-16 Claudio ValerioMerge branch 'release-candidate' of
2012-11-16 Claudio Valeriofixed issue 1347
2012-11-16 IliaSankore-1351. Refresh mask only when needed.
2012-11-16 Claudio ValerioMerge branch 'release-candidate' of
2012-11-16 Claudio Valeriocomment some code to avoid crash on page change. To...
2012-11-16 bmagninTranslation added to 2.00
2012-11-15 Ilia RyabokonSankore-1162 Windows vertical offset when the toolbar...
2012-11-14 Eric SeigneMerge branch 'master' of git://
2012-11-14 Éric Seigneadd author patch in file headers (gpl/lgpl)
2012-11-14 Éric Seigneadd full proxy settings support
2012-11-14 Éric Seignelibre-sankore (3.1~lucid~ryxeo20121109)
2012-11-14 Eric SeigneMerge branch 'master' of git://
2012-11-14 Eric Seigneajout de l'exe dans le paquet
2012-11-14 bmagninadd language for 2.00
2012-11-14 bmagninLanguages for 2.00
2012-11-09 Éric Seignecopie du binaire dans le bon paquet
2012-11-09 Éric Seignecorrectif pour le nom du lanceur et nom de l'executable
2012-11-09 Éric SeigneMerge commit 'v2.00.b.10'
2012-11-09 Aleksei KanashFixed crashes after erasing some strokes and undo.
2012-11-08 Luca Capelloresources/forms/preferences.ui: add full licenses and...
2012-11-07 Claudio Valerioremoved some unused code
2012-11-07 Claudio Valeriofixed issue 1230 and 1344
2012-11-06 Aleksei KanashFixed undo stack for background objects.
2012-11-06 bmagninNew link for tutorial in EN
2012-11-05 Claudio Valeriofixed language missing on mac. Issue 1328
2012-11-02 Claudio Valeriofixed script