2012-07-24 Francois MarierCall when removing browserid_user...
2012-07-24 Francois MarierWhen adding an email that's taken, clear browserid_user
2012-07-24 Francois MarierConvert the add_email page to use the Observer API
2012-07-24 Francois MarierCall when deleting your account
2012-07-24 Francois MarierAllow functions with 6 arguments
2012-07-24 Francois MarierSwitch to the BrowserID Observer API
2012-07-24 Francois MarierSwitch from a hidden form to for BrowserI...
2012-07-24 Francois MarierPrefetch profile page images from the login page
2012-07-24 Francois MarierBump jQuery dependency to 1.5 (LP: 1028259)
2012-07-18 Francois MarierPrevent framing of any part of the main site (LP: 863904)
2012-07-18 Francois MarierRemove charset from template (LP: 1000467)
2012-07-18 Francois MarierReduce the length of max OpenID URLs to accomodate...
2012-07-18 Francois MarierSwitch from httplib2 to requests (LP: 864464)
2012-07-18 Francois MarierRemove support for the obsolete Sessions API (LP: 1025941)
2012-07-18 Francois MarierRename "BrowserID" to "Persona" in user-visible strings...
2012-07-18 Francois MarierUpdate BrowserID URLs to Persona (LP: 1023731)
2012-07-09 Francois MarierBump changelog for deployment
2012-07-09 Francois MarierThe README file has been renamed
2012-07-09 Francois MarierIgnore .pyc files
2012-07-09 Francois MarierUpdate prepare command for git
2012-07-09 Francois MarierUpdate all translations (minor updates)
2012-07-09 Francois MarierConvert bzrignore file to gitignore
2012-07-09 Francois MarierAdd optional ServerAlias directives in Apache config...
2012-07-08 Francois MarierZone file for the Dot Bit alternative DNS system (LP...
2012-07-07 Francois MarierBump copyright year in README
2012-07-07 Francois MarierUpdate mailing list and www addresses
2012-07-07 Francois MarierGive a .md extension to the markdown files
2012-06-26 Francois MarierConvert = to := in the Makefile
2012-05-14 Francois MarierBump changelog for deployment
2012-05-14 Francois MarierAdd Webconverger logo to the homepage
2012-05-14 Francois MarierAdd new Brazilian Portuguese translation
2012-05-14 Francois MarierUpdate POT file
2012-05-07 Francois MarierBump changelog for deployment
2012-05-07 Francois MarierBetter GPLHost logo (white background)
2012-05-07 Francois MarierChange the file input on upload page to hopefully match...
2012-05-07 Francois MarierAdd a logo for GPLHost on the homepage
2012-05-07 Francois MarierAdd new Albanian and Ukrainian translations
2012-05-07 Francois MarierRemove RetakeTheNet from the homepage
2012-04-22 francoisStyle improvements to the nodejs sample code
2012-04-22 francoisUpdate nodejs sample for new node-libravatar API
2012-04-11 Francois MarierBump changelog for deployment
2012-04-11 Francois MarierDjango needs these symlinks to see the new po files
2012-04-11 Francois MarierBump changelog for deployment
2012-04-11 Francois MarierMake sure the translations get built
2012-04-11 Francois MarierBump changelog for deployment
2012-04-11 Francois MarierActually enable the new languages
2012-04-11 Francois MarierBump changelog for deployment
2012-04-11 Francois MarierAdd new Basque, Catalan, Czech and Spanish translations
2012-04-11 Francois MarierUpdate existing de, fr and ja translations
2012-03-25 Francois MarierSalt looks like a promising replacement for Puppet
2012-03-18 Francois MarierFix "currenlty" typo reported by Milan HorĂ¡k
2012-03-15 Francois MarierFix "sucessfully" typo (bug #956446)
2012-03-07 Francois MarierRevert r689 (X-WebKit-CSP headers)
2012-03-06 Francois MarierBump changelog for deployment
2012-03-06 Francois MarierUpdate pot and French po files to go with header and...
2012-03-06 Francois Mariertests: disable the SRV lookups for
2012-03-06 Francois Marierstylesheet: add webkit border radius alternative
2012-03-06 Francois Marierbrowserid: don't trust the Host field sent by the brows...
2012-03-06 Francois Marierheader: add a "Contact Us" link (bug #922420)
2012-03-06 Francois Marierawstats: add a config file for www (bug #904468)
2012-03-06 Francois Marierdebian: remove temporary directories under /var/lib...
2012-03-06 Francois MarierAdd X-WebKit-CSP headers to www (bug #947699)
2012-03-04 Francois MarierRemove the list of URLs where photos are accessible
2012-03-03 Francois MarierPre-generate 50 and 128 pixel images
2012-01-26 Francois MarierBump changelog for deployment
2012-01-26 Francois MarierUpdate Japanese and German translations
2012-01-04 Francois MarierMention Crockford style for Javascript
2012-01-04 Francois MarierReplace with .get(...
2012-01-04 Francois MarierUse Crockford's suggested style
2012-01-04 Francois MarierRemove the unnecessary mimetype from script tags
2012-01-04 Francois MarierFix typos in disabled SSL cert verification code
2011-12-17 Francois MarierUpdate German translation
2011-12-17 Francois MarierUpdate pot and French po file to go with footer changes
2011-12-17 Francois Mariertheme/footer: make use of the "license" relation type...
2011-12-17 Francois Mariertheme/footer: reduce the amount of HTML in the translat...
2011-12-12 Francois MarierBump changelog for deployment
2011-12-12 Francois MarierCatch another type of error during OpenID discovery...
2011-12-11 Francois MarierMake it clear we want people to email us on 500 errors
2011-12-11 Francois MarierDon't blacklist all paths on the webserver
2011-12-05 Francois MarierDeploy to the slaves in parallel (with fallback for...
2011-12-05 Francois MarierBump changelog for deployment
2011-12-04 Francois MarierRun uploaded files through advpng (bug #899811)
2011-12-04 Francois MarierDrop the "beta" label in the header
2011-12-04 Francois MarierChange sponsors on homepage
2011-12-04 Francois MarierRun all static PNG files through "advpng -z -4"
2011-12-04 Francois MarierUse advpng to recompress static images as suggested...
2011-11-30 Francois MarierBump changelog for deployment
2011-11-30 Francois MarierFix dh_python2 line in debian/rules
2011-11-30 Francois MarierRemove CSP headers when serving static files (closes...
2011-11-30 Francois MarierSwitch from dh_pysupport to dh_python2 (closes: #893404)
2011-11-30 Francois MarierFix Python dependencies to match Debian Python policy
2011-11-30 Francois MarierDon't delete libravatar-img user account on upgrades...
2011-11-30 Francois MarierDefer execution of javascript files to speed up page...
2011-11-30 Francois MarierTurn on strict mode in our own Javascript file
2011-11-22 Francois MarierAdd remote logging, remove posting to autonomous list
2011-11-21 Francois MarierEnable mod_ssl after installing libravatar-www
2011-11-12 Francois MarierAdd working deployment functions to the fabfile
2011-11-12 Francois MarierBump changelog for deployment
2011-11-12 Francois MarierUpdate Japanese translation
2011-11-12 Francois MarierAdd initial fabfile for preparing the packages