last changeTue, 11 Nov 2014 02:50:08 +0000 (15:50 +1300)
2014-11-11 Francois MarierMove license to the bottom and add prime4commit widget master
2014-11-06 Francois MarierHSTS: include subdomains of www and seccdn (bug #1355381)
2014-11-06 Francois Marierfabric: remove cdn3 from the list
2014-11-06 Francois MarierBump changelog for deployment
2014-11-06 Francois Marierfabric: remove squeeze hacks
2014-11-06 Francois MarierDon't require fabric inside the LXC container
2014-11-06 Francois MarierTurn off broken link emails
2014-10-23 Francois MarierMerge updated Brazillian translation
2014-10-15 Francois MarierFix a bunch of pep8 errors
2014-10-15 Francois MarierUpdate the federation test to use the domain
2014-10-15 Francois MarierRemove all traces of the Identica importer
2014-10-15 Francois MarierCatch PIL errors
2014-10-15 Francois MarierAdd EditorConfig conffile
2014-10-14 Francois Mariertls: ensure that TLS compression is disabled
2014-10-13 Francois MarierSync TLS cipher list with Mozilla's intermediate compat...
2014-10-13 Francois Mariercsp: update spec URL in comment
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