2011-03-22 Bastien NoceraRequire gmodule-2.0 for the blob loading code
2011-03-22 Bastien NoceraFix warnings with GCC 4.6
2011-03-22 Christophe... [mono] raise mono versioning since ABI was broken
2011-03-22 Christophe... use unsigned int for file size in iTunesDB
2011-03-22 Christian Krause[mono] fix alignment issues on x86
2011-03-02 phantomjinxFixed memory leaks
2011-02-08 Christophe... report libimobiledevice dependency in .pc file
2011-02-08 Christophe... use appropriate compile flags for libimobiledevice
2011-02-08 Christophe... add more nano6g serial numbers
2011-01-06 Christophe... add more error reporting to sqlite generation
2011-01-02 Christophe... failing to parse recent playcounts isn't fatal
2011-01-01 Christophe... fix nano5g support
2011-01-01 Christophe... fix libgpod version number
2011-01-01 Nikias BassenDo not write mhips for mhsd type 5 playlists
2010-12-31 Christophe... factor common code in hash functions
2010-12-31 Nikias Bassenadd hashAB support via external module
2010-12-31 Nikias Bassenwrite empty mhsd of type 10
2010-12-31 Nikias Bassenread genius_cuid (mhsd type 9) and also write it back
2010-12-28 Christophe... remove duplicate AC_CONFIG_SRCDIR
2010-12-28 Christophe... Add 16GB Black Nano 6g serial number
2010-12-13 Christophe... add 8GB Blue Nano 6g serial number
2010-11-12 Christophe... add 16GB Blue Nano 6g serial number
2010-10-13 Christophe... add 8GB Orange Nano 6g serial number
2010-10-12 Martin Szulecki[sqlitedb] Implement iPhoneSortKey and iPhoneSortSectio...
2010-10-12 Martin Szulecki[sqlitedb] Remove the i_tunes_u column to fix a post...
2010-10-12 Christophe... Merge branch 'next'
2010-10-12 Christophe... fix warning in test compilation
2010-10-12 Christophe... Add ebook support
2010-10-12 Christophe... Merge branch 'autotools'
2010-10-12 Christophe... generate bzip2 tarballs
2010-10-12 Christophe... 0.8.0 release 0.8.0
2010-10-10 Christophe... fix inverted test in HashInfo generation
2010-10-06 Christophe... Remove unused get/put16lint functions
2010-10-06 Adam BroschinskiSkip writing empty playlists on 3rd gen shuffles
2010-10-06 Adam BroschinskiAdd bookmarks and skip on shuffle to old shuffles
2010-10-03 Nikias Bassenupdate MhbdHeader field names
2010-10-03 Nikias Bassenfield unk_0xa8 is 16 bit not 32 bit wide
2010-10-03 Nikias Bassenrespect 'platform' field in iTunes(C)DB and version_inf...
2010-10-02 Christophe... get rid of obsolete and obnoxious warning
2010-09-30 Christophe... add 4th generation Shuffles
2010-09-30 Christophe... attempt to bring sanity in shuffle generations
2010-09-30 Christophe... add serial numbers for various Nano 6G
2010-09-30 Christophe... remove recent playcount file after db writing
2010-09-30 Christophe... add serial number for 64GB iPod Touch 4G
2010-09-30 Christophe... [mono] forgot to add the iPad in IpodGeneration
2010-09-30 Christophe... [mono] sync enum mappings with C enums
2010-09-30 Christophe... adjust versioning to current autotools pratices
2010-09-30 Christophe... use autoupdate to modernize
2010-09-30 Christophe... add missing strings for new iPod generations
2010-09-30 Christophe... Handle "not-binary-and" as smart playlist action
2010-09-29 Christophe... get ready for 0.7.95 0.7.95
2010-09-29 Christophe... update NEWS for 0.7.95
2010-09-29 Christophe... fix typo in 0.7.94 NEWS entry
2010-09-29 Joel SmithFix for video_info table to sort by TV Show title
2010-09-29 Christophe... Add serial number for 2GB Silver Shuffle 2nd Gen
2010-09-24 Gabriel Burt[mono] Add Playlist ctor for making new playlists
2010-09-24 Gabriel Burt[mono] Return null if Master playlist is null
2010-09-24 Gabriel Burt[mono] Return null if Podcasts playlist is null
2010-09-24 Christophe... Add serial number for 8GB Silver Nano 6g
2010-09-24 Christophe... Add model numbers for nano 6g
2010-09-24 Christophe... Add Nano 6th gen to the various enums
2010-09-24 Christophe... [sqlite] Don't abort after the first copying error
2010-09-23 Christophe... [sqlite] don't forget to copy Locations.itdb.cbk
2010-09-21 Christophe... Add serial number for 8GB iPod Touch 4G
2010-09-21 Christophe... MediaType is a bitfield
2010-09-21 Christophe... don't attempt to dereference NULL GError
2010-09-21 Nathaniel McCallumstyle/whitespace fixes in the mono bindings
2010-09-21 Alan McGovernfix a pretty bad bug accessing the g_lists from managed...
2010-09-21 Gabriel BurtAdd more MimeTypes (bgo#630215)
2010-09-21 Gabriel BurtAdd video podcast and music tv show mimetypes
2010-09-20 Christophe... Don't try to destroy NULL GHashTable
2010-09-20 Christophe... Add comment about mac epoch
2010-09-19 Alan McGovernPrevent an overflow when marshalling datetimes.
2010-09-19 Christophe... [sqlite] Add error handling through GError
2010-09-19 Christophe... Fill GError when HashInfo file is missing
2010-09-19 Christophe... Add ITDB_ERROR as a domain for GErrors
2010-09-19 Christophe... Improve directory creation in itdb_init_ipod
2010-09-19 Christophe... Remove unused variable in itdb_init_ipod
2010-09-19 Hector MartinHandle nested itdb_start/stop_sync calls
2010-09-18 Christophe... add 4th gen iPod Touch to known models
2010-09-18 Whitney YoungLocate the proper control directory when both iPod_Cont...
2010-09-18 Joel SmithSupport for reading PlayCounts.plist for play counts...
2010-09-18 Joel SmithGet gint64 value instead of gint as returned from plist
2010-09-18 Joel Smithadd chapter support for sqlite tables
2010-09-18 Joel Smithadd itdb_chapterdata_build_chapter_blob
2010-09-18 Joel Smithmove chapter data writing to a helper function
2010-09-18 Joel Smithhandle child atoms other than name in chapter parsing
2010-09-04 Christophe... Revert "Fix for creation of blank playlist on 80GB...
2010-09-04 Chow Loong Jin[mono] fix dll name in dllmap
2010-08-31 Christophe... 0.7.94 0.7.94
2010-08-30 Christophe... describe a previously unknown mhbd field
2010-08-30 Christophe... improve itdb_parse error message on empty iPods
2010-08-30 Christophe... update NEWS
2010-08-30 phantomjinxFix for creation of blank playlist on 80GB ipod video
2010-08-30 Christophe... Merge branch 'artwork-alignment'
2010-08-30 Christophe... fix endianness issue in iTunesCDB reading
2010-08-30 Alan McGovern[mono] wrap the itdb_start/stop_sync methods
2010-08-30 Alan McGovern[mono] make the managed struct size match the native...
2010-08-30 Alex Mauer... take into account tvshow field in album comparison
2010-08-30 Alex Mauer... improve album comparison