Require gmodule-2.0 for the blob loading code
[libgpod:teuf-sandbox.git] /
2011-03-22 Bastien NoceraRequire gmodule-2.0 for the blob loading code
2011-03-22 Christian Krause[mono] fix alignment issues on x86
2011-02-08 Christophe Fergeaureport libimobiledevice dependency in .pc file
2011-01-01 Christophe Fergeaufix libgpod version number
2010-12-31 Nikias Bassenadd hashAB support via external module
2010-12-28 Christophe Fergeauremove duplicate AC_CONFIG_SRCDIR
2010-10-12 Christophe FergeauMerge branch 'next'
2010-10-12 Christophe FergeauMerge branch 'autotools'
2010-10-12 Christophe Fergeaugenerate bzip2 tarballs
2010-10-12 Christophe Fergeau0.8.0 release 0.8.0
2010-09-30 Christophe Fergeauadjust versioning to current autotools pratices
2010-09-30 Christophe Fergeauuse autoupdate to modernize
2010-09-29 Christophe Fergeauget ready for 0.7.95 0.7.95
2010-08-31 Christophe Fergeau0.7.94 0.7.94
2010-06-15 Christophe FergeauMerge branch 'mono'
2010-06-15 Christophe Fergeau[mono] add missing file to AC_CONFIG_FILES list
2010-06-15 Bertrand LorentzIntegrate the mono bindings in the build
2010-06-15 Todd ZullingerFix temp mount dir configure option
2010-04-06 Christophe Fergeau0.7.93 0.7.93
2010-04-05 Christophe Fergeaulower udev rule priority
2010-03-19 Christophe Fergeau0.7.92 0.7.92
2010-03-18 Christophe Fergeaurename libgpod.rules to 80-libgpod.rules
2010-03-12 Bastien NoceraMake the temporary mount point configurable
2010-03-02 Christophe Fergeau0.7.91 release 0.7.91
2010-02-09 Christophe FergeauMerge branch 'udev'
2010-02-08 Christophe FergeauAdd udev callout (similar to hal callout)
2010-02-04 Christophe Fergeauset version to 0.7.90 for devel release 0.7.90
2010-02-02 Nikias BassenUpdate iphone related stuff to use libimobiledevice.
2010-01-21 Christophe Fergeaulibplist 1.0 is mandatory
2010-01-16 Christophe Fergeauremove -std=c89 from default CFLAGS
2010-01-16 Christophe Fergeauadd nano5g support to hal callout
2009-12-23 Christophe Fergeaumake sure itdb_sqlite can be compiled without libiphone
2009-12-10 Christophe Fergeauadd support for libplist 1.0 API
2009-12-10 Christophe Fergeaufix sgutils detection in
2009-12-10 Christophe Fergeauadjust so versioning
2009-12-10 Christophe Fergeaucheck for sqlite3 availability in
2009-12-10 Hector MartinFix libiphone-1.0 check
2009-12-10 Christophe Fergeauadjust to libiphone API changes
2009-12-10 Martin Aumuellercheck for libz availability in
2009-12-10 Martin SzuleckiAdd libiphone as optional dependency for iPhone/iPod...
2009-10-31 Todd ZullingerMigrate from Subversion to Git
2009-08-19 Christophe Fergeauuse autotools 1.11 AM_SILENT_RULES instead of shave
2009-06-06 Christophe Fergeau"shave" libgpod (cleaner output during build)
2009-04-15 Todd ZullingerBump version to 0.7.3SVN for further development
2009-04-15 Todd ZullingerBump version for 0.7.2 final
2009-04-05 Christophe Fergeau0.7.2rc2
2009-04-04 Todd ZullingerBump version and soname for 0.7.2rc1
2009-03-26 Christophe FergeauDon't need to set BSD_SOURCE, it's implied by GNU_SOURCE
2009-03-21 Christophe Fergeau Patch from: Andrew W. Nosenko <andrew.nosenko...
2009-01-31 Todd ZullingerRemove unused expanded_libdir definition
2009-01-31 Todd ZullingerImprove the default hal callout and fdi paths
2009-01-31 Todd ZullingerOnly use PYGOBJECT_{CFLAGS,LIBS} in bindings/python
2009-01-19 Todd ZullingerBump version to 0.7.1SVN for further development
2009-01-19 Todd ZullingerBump version for 0.7.0 final
2009-01-06 Todd ZullingerAdd zh_CN to ALL_LINGUAS
2009-01-03 Todd ZullingerBump version for 0.7.0rc2
2008-12-08 Todd ZullingerBump version and soname for 0.7.0rc1
2008-11-30 Jorg Schuler * don't add "-Wall" to CFLAGS
2008-08-01 Christophe Fergeaus/test -a/test -e
2008-08-01 Christophe FergeauFix auto-enabling of more warnings when using a svn...
2008-07-09 Christophe Fergeau* properly detect newer libsgutils (the...
2008-06-02 Jorg Schuler * src/gchecksum.c
2008-05-25 Christophe Fergeau* libxml presence is mandatory unless
2008-05-25 Christophe Fergeau* rework libxml detection
2008-05-25 Christophe Fergeau* check libxml presence
2008-05-01 Todd ZullingerBump version to 0.6.1SVN (belatedly :-)
2008-03-03 Todd Zullingershell portability fixes (courtesy of Klaus Heinz)
2007-11-26 Todd Zullingerconditionally add gdk-pixbuf to pkg-config Requires
2007-11-06 Christophe Fergeau* raise version number and soname in...
2007-11-06 Christophe Fergeau*
2007-10-29 Christophe Fergeau* raise glib requirement to 2.8 (because of
2007-10-29 Christophe Fergeau* remove mremap check
2007-09-27 Christophe Fergeau2007-09-27 Christophe Fergeau <>
2007-07-31 Todd Zullingermerge changes from the bug-1723660 branch
2007-07-12 Nicholas PiperAdd version and version_info attributes to the Python...
2007-07-08 Jorg Schuler *
2007-07-05 Todd Zullingers/PACKAGE_/LIBGPOD_/ in configuration output
2007-06-23 Todd Zullingerbump version to 0.5.3SVN for further development
2007-06-23 Todd Zullingerbump version for 0.5.2 release
2007-06-18 Todd Zullingerbump version and soname for 0.5.0 release
2007-06-03 Todd Zullingerupdate a few more CVS references for Subversion
2007-03-26 Nicholas PiperUse build-tree libraries for Python test, not the insta...
2007-02-27 Todd Zullingerallow the use of nicer version strings in AM_CHECK_PYMOD
2007-02-12 Jorg Schuler * ChangeLog
2007-01-15 Jorg Schuler * bumped version to 0.4.3-CVS for furthe...
2007-01-15 Jorg Schuler * bumped version to 0.4.2 for release
2007-01-04 Todd Zullinger *
2006-11-23 Jorg Schuler * When adding photos to the iPod the user may or may...
2006-10-31 Jorg Schuler *, src/ new soname versioning
2006-09-24 Jorg Schuler * bumped to 0.4.1 as new CVS version
2006-09-24 Jorg Schuler * bumped to 0.4.0 for release
2006-05-31 Jorg Schuler *
2006-05-30 Jorg Schuler***** merged photo-support branch back to MAIN. branch...
2006-04-10 Christophe Fergeau* tests/test-ls.c: new test program reading and display...
2006-04-10 Christophe Fergeau* docs/
2006-04-08 Christophe Fergeau2006-04-08 Christophe Fergeau <>
2006-04-05 Jorg Schuler2006-04-03 Jorg Schuler <jcsjcs at users.sourceforge...
2006-03-16 Jorg Schuler * itdb_device.[ch]: rewrote ipod-device.c, removed...
2006-03-08 Jorg Schuler * enable/disable switches for gdk and...
2006-03-04 Jorg Schuler * bumped version to 0.3.3 for new CVS...