2009-09-16 Yann RaminRemove hokey math, let iomanip handle it v0.1.2
2009-09-15 Yann RaminFix bug in ghetto decimal routine
2009-09-08 Yann RaminTwo new opcodes, and complete listing of database strings v0.1.1
2009-09-08 Yann RaminLast leak fixed (from my cache folder scan)
2009-09-08 Yann RaminFix even more leaks (those last 93 bytes still pending)
2009-09-07 Yann RaminMore robustness across the board
2009-09-07 Yann RaminRemoved more bogon exception
2009-09-07 Yann RaminFix remaining reentrant parser leaks
2009-09-07 Yann RaminFix remaining normal case memory leak
2009-09-07 Yann RaminLess leaky
2009-09-07 Yann RaminTeach dumper how to handle multiple files, and fix...
2009-09-07 Yann RaminAdd URL to WIKI v0.1
2009-09-07 Yann RaminChange IRC channel information
2009-09-07 Yann RaminFix qmake windows sillyness
2009-08-31 Yann RaminReadme text
2009-08-31 Yann RaminReadme text
2009-08-31 Yann RaminFix some compilers and long integer constants
2009-08-31 Yann RaminChange some windows compile settings
2009-08-31 Yann RaminTake a trip down non-C99 land for the sake of Microsoft
2009-08-31 Yann RaminFix visibility in windows for market methods
2009-08-31 Yann RaminImplement some new classes with stubs
2009-08-31 Yann RaminRemove useless printing for simple piping work
2009-08-31 Yann RaminComplete market cache file to CSV dumper example
2009-08-31 Yann RaminMarket parser does something useful
2009-08-31 Yann RaminTeach dumper about --market
2009-08-30 Yann RaminAdd more dynamic cast safety
2009-08-30 Yann RaminClean up some whitespace, make a downcast safe
2009-08-30 Yann RaminMerge remote branch 'baka/master'
2009-08-30 Yann RaminFix some member naming issues
2009-08-30 Yann RaminMerge remote branch 'remote/master'
2009-08-30 bakanew test file. this one needs zlib::uncompress for...
2009-08-30 bakabugfix for uninitialized sharecount. oops.
2009-08-30 bakarefactored core parse function into parseone and regula...
2009-08-30 bakaadded cachfile flavor that loads from a char vector...
2009-08-30 Yann RaminFix one syntax error
2009-08-30 bakaadded shared object support to parser class
2009-08-30 bakamake Parser objecty, with iter ref being passed to...
2009-08-30 bakaput into numeric order, add two more strings
2009-08-30 bakaSMarker uses unsigned char as id, knows how to decode...
2009-08-30 bakarefactored variable-size length loading
2009-08-29 Yann RaminRemove more hacky EOF support, adjust lengths to sanity.
2009-08-25 Yann RaminSpecify runtime library
2009-08-25 Yann RaminLocal config file
2009-08-25 Yann RaminFix exporting issues in Windows
2009-08-25 Yann RaminBetter windows building
2009-08-25 Yann RaminWindows build patching
2009-08-25 Yann RaminSome kind of EOF marker?
2009-08-25 Yann RaminUnderstand even more objects and cache files
2009-08-25 Yann RaminMore opcodes in the cache file supported
2009-08-25 Yann RaminAdd another string parser, more cache files can be...
2009-08-25 Yann RaminAdd minimal scons buildfile
2009-08-25 Yann RaminFixed some silly errors
2009-08-19 Yann RaminMarket fleshing out
2009-08-19 Yann RaminMarket domain object, add GPL notice to files
2009-08-19 Yann RaminDBTypes, cheesy lookup method
2009-08-11 Yann RaminTest cases, cache file and corresponding market export...
2009-08-10 Yann RaminAdjust license to GPL 2.0
2009-08-09 Yann RaminRemove 2d magic (messing up dicts)
2009-08-09 Yann RaminSmall hack to put dicts in the "right" order
2009-08-09 Yann RaminAble to complete parsing in more cases... 2d2d magic...
2009-08-05 Yann RaminGets to the end but the structure turns to mush......
2009-08-05 Yann RaminImplement hack (?)
2009-08-05 Yann RaminImprove dumper debugging capability, need to tackle...
2009-08-04 Yann RaminStuff in DBRow types
2009-08-04 Yann RaminRLEish routines...
2009-08-04 Yann RaminAdd more "pretty"printing (infoprinting?)
2009-08-04 Yann RaminWe're almost at the data...
2009-08-04 Yann RaminMore hackery, more types support, next stop substreams
2009-08-03 Yann RaminRefactor a bit, temp debugging messages
2009-08-03 Yann RaminAdd DLL support on Windows
2009-08-03 Yann RaminAdd license information (essential :))
2009-08-03 Yann RaminDumper does something vaguely useful.
2009-08-03 Yann RaminParser refactoring and upgrades
2009-08-03 Yann RaminAdd exceptions
2009-08-03 Yann Raminmore types...
2009-08-03 Yann RaminChange directory structure, flesh out the reader class
2009-08-03 Yann RaminAdd iterator constructs
2009-08-01 Yann RaminEVE Cache beginning commit