2010-05-14 Jiří TechetUse correct cast
2010-05-14 Jiří TechetMake introspection compilation work in other directory too
2010-05-14 Jiří TechetFix strange introspection scanner warning
2010-05-13 Jiří TechetUse the new way for introspection makefile creation
2010-05-12 Jiří TechetReset the sql statement before bind_text also for stmt_...
2010-05-12 Emmanuel RodriguezReset the update prepared statement before each execution
2010-05-12 Jiří TechetGet rid of some warnings reported by clang static analy...
2010-05-12 Jiří TechetAdd G_GNUC_UNUSED where appropriate so LLVM clang doesn...
2010-05-12 Jiří TechetAdd missing shebang in python polygons demo
2010-05-12 Victor Godoy... Ship file pychamplainmemphis-constructors.defs
2010-05-12 Victor Godoy... Like pyclutter-gtk the champlain-gtk in launcher-gtk...
2010-05-12 Victor Godoy... Add virtual proxy wrapper to ChamplainMapSource.get_pro...
2010-05-12 Victor Godoy... Update ChamplainMapDataSource and ChamplainMemphisTileS...
2010-05-11 Jiří TechetLatitude and longitude parameters of champlain_base_mar...
2010-05-11 Jiří TechetFree proxy URI with soup_uri_free() instead of g_object...
2010-05-11 Emmanuel RodriguezFree GError when reporting an error
2010-05-11 Emmanuel RodriguezRemove debug print
2010-05-11 Jiří TechetEliminate warnings when compiling local-rendering demo
2010-05-11 Jiří TechetFix the unref of the previous image in champlain_marker...
2010-05-11 Jiří TechetAdd some missing G_BEGIN_DECLS/G_END_DECLS
2010-05-11 Emmanuel RodriguezFix an invalid cast if a view is passed a ChamplainLaye...
2010-05-10 Jiří TechetRemove libchamplain-gtk.types - it should be generated...
2010-05-10 Jiří TechetMerge branch 'LIBCHAMPLAIN_0_4_5'
2010-05-10 Jiří TechetUpdate web page in
2010-05-10 Jiří TechetUpdate dependencies in README
2010-05-10 Jiří TechetDo not unref polygons
2010-05-10 Jiří TechetDo not generate 0 size clutter textures for polygons
2010-05-10 Jiří TechetRemove unnecessary DIST_SUBDIRS
2010-05-10 Lorenzo MasiniFix a compilation issue with libsoup-gnome
2010-05-09 Jiří TechetUpdate champlain-gtk docs
2010-05-09 Jiří TechetUpdate python defs
2010-05-09 Jiří TechetMake the TOC of the manual more readable
2010-05-09 Jiří TechetImprovements to the documentation and moving around...
2010-05-09 Jiří TechetGenerate types file automatically
2010-05-08 Jiří TechetMany improvements to the build process
2010-05-08 Jiří TechetUse new from gnome-common
2010-05-08 Jiří TechetSome build fixes
2010-05-07 Jiří TechetRemove the outdated tutorial
2010-05-07 Jiří TechetUse the new INSTALL that is generated with recent autotools
2010-05-07 Jiří TechetRemove the perl bindings for now as they are not update...
2010-05-07 Jiří TechetRemove "managed" bindings as they seem to be unmaintained
2010-05-07 Jiří TechetFix some introspection build problems
2010-05-03 Victor Godoy... Update champlain and champlainmemphis python bindings.
2010-04-25 Jiří TechetMany changes in build process
2010-04-25 Victor Godoy... Add new file pychamplain-gtk-base.defs
2010-04-25 Victor Godoy... Add support to virtual methods by using
2010-04-25 Victor Godoy... Use memphis.h include and add ChamplainBoundingBox...
2010-04-25 Victor Godoy... Add new boxed type ChamplainBoundingBox
2010-04-25 Victor Godoy... Update .defs
2010-04-25 Victor Godoy... Just include pychamplaingtk-base.defs
2010-04-25 Victor Godoy... Update required memphis version to 0.2
2010-04-25 Victor Godoy... Use memphis .defs in codegen
2010-04-25 Victor Godoy... Ship pychamplaingtk-base.defs
2010-04-22 Fridrich ŠtrbaMake the windows mkdtemp be robust with non-ascii chara...
2010-04-22 Pierre-Luc... Update maintainer information
2010-04-20 Fridrich ŠtrbaBuild fixes for windows
2010-04-10 Simon WennerRequire Memphis 0.2.1
2010-04-10 Simon WennerAdd launcher.js: A champlain javascript demo
2010-04-10 Simon Wennerlauncher: remove redundant semicolon
2010-04-10 Simon WennerBugfix: GtkChamplain-0.5.gir has to depend on Champlain...
2010-04-10 Simon Wennerupdate m4/gtk-doc.m4
2010-04-10 Simon WennerFix a typo in a comment
2010-04-10 Simon WennerMigrate to libmemphis version 0.2
2010-04-05 Jiří TechetUnref GdkPixbufLoader
2010-04-05 Jiří TechetRemove tile ref/unref in ChamplainTile
2010-03-23 Jiří TechetOptimize ChamplainView state update
2010-03-23 Jiří TechetMove variable declarations to the top of view_load_visi...
2010-03-23 Jiří TechetFix freeing const string
2010-03-23 Jiří TechetDisplay polygons again
2010-03-23 Jiří TechetGet rid of public privates for good
2010-03-23 Jiří TechetAccess private members through priv member of the class...
2010-03-23 Jiří TechetFix violations against my own coding style
2010-03-23 Jiří TechetCoding style fixes
2010-03-23 Jiří TechetLie a bit about not fading in
2010-03-23 Jiří TechetMake fade-in a property of a tile
2010-03-23 Jiří TechetFix changing map source doesn't update the display
2010-03-23 Jiří TechetCall viewport_pos_changed_cb() only when we want to
2010-03-23 Jiří TechetRemove my last question/comment
2010-03-23 Jiří TechetProper fix of bug 575133
2010-03-23 Jiří TechetRemove update of tile map
2010-03-23 Jiří TechetPosition tiles even when they don't need to be loaded
2010-03-23 Jiří TechetLoad tiles in true spiral pattern
2010-03-23 Jiří TechetMove fill_tile() call from view_load_visible_tiles...
2010-03-23 Jiří TechetRevert buggy commit
2010-03-23 Jiří TechetCode cleanup
2010-03-23 Jiří TechetRemove all invalid tiles within view_load_visible_tiles()
2010-03-23 Jiří TechetUse tile-presence map instead of going through tile...
2010-03-23 Jiří TechetSome cleanups in view_load_visible_tiles()
2010-03-23 Jiří TechetFix zoom level 0 not displayed
2010-03-23 Jiří TechetFix zoom-out at low zoom level
2010-03-23 Jiří TechetSimplify and optimize time-based redrawing
2010-03-23 Jiří TechetBase viewport update on time as well
2010-03-23 Jiří TechetReplace pow() with bit shift to be sure we are fast
2010-03-23 Jiří TechetCompletely remove ChamplainZoomLevel
2010-03-23 Jiří TechetIterate through container using clutter_group_get_nth_c...
2010-03-23 Jiří TechetWhen removing tiles from container, iterate using clutt...
2010-03-23 Jiří TechetRemove extra condition
2010-03-23 Jiří TechetFix scroll_to() for CHAMPLAIN_SCROLL_MODE_PUSH
2010-03-23 Jiří TechetRemove the workaround related to resize_viewport()
2010-03-23 Jiří TechetSet zoom level only if champlain_zoom_level_zoom_to...