2011-03-23 Lorenzo MasiniRemoved gtk as champlain dependency and added champlain...
2011-03-18 Lorenzo MasiniFixed library name in GIRs export packages.
2011-03-18 Lorenzo MasiniGenerate good GIRs (See
2011-03-18 Jiří TechetAdd version number to .pc files during configure
2011-02-26 Jiří TechetFlag redraw as non-scheduled at the beginning of redraw...
2011-02-26 Jiří TechetAs redraw_scale() is a callback, it should return boolean
2011-02-26 Jiří TechetLower the non-scroll threshold
2011-02-26 Jiří TechetRemove some unnecessary queue_redraw()s
2011-02-26 Jiří TechetRemove some unnecessary queue_relayout()s
2011-02-26 Jiří TechetPerform tile animations on content actor as it works now
2011-02-26 Jiří TechetRemove nonsense motion event enable/disable for markers
2011-02-26 Jiří TechetImplement events handling of kinetic scroll view the...
2011-02-26 Jiří TechetRename FingerScroll to KineticScrollView
2011-02-26 Jiří TechetFinally fix our redrawing problem
2011-02-26 Jiří TechetRename tidy to champlain and move to the champlain...
2011-02-26 Jiří TechetRemove some unnecessary code from tidy
2011-02-26 Jiří TechetEliminate TidyScrollable
2011-02-26 Jiří TechetMerge FingerScroll and ScrollView
2011-02-26 Jiří TechetRemove tidy-debug.h
2011-02-26 Jiří TechetBack to tidy
2011-02-23 Nirbheek ChauhanFix header collisions between clutter-gtk-0.10 and...
2011-02-20 Jiří Techet0.9.0 LIBCHAMPLAIN_0_9_0
2011-02-20 Jiří TechetDisable vala demo generation
2011-02-20 Jiří TechetAdd memphis renderer to doc types
2011-02-20 Jiří TechetSkip introspection for champlain_memphis_renderer_get_r...
2011-02-20 Jiří TechetFix layer ensure visible
2011-02-20 Jiří TechetSome changes of gdouble to gint and vice versa
2011-02-19 Jiří TechetAdd champlain_marker_layer_get_selected() to retrieve...
2011-02-19 Jiří TechetAdd champlain_marker_layer_new() constructor
2011-02-18 Jiří TechetRename decel_rate to deceleration to be consistent...
2011-02-18 Jiří TechetRedraw the scale on idle
2011-02-18 Jiří TechetClear textures before drawing
2011-02-17 Jiří TechetWhen calculating bounding box of a layer, add some...
2011-02-17 Jiří TechetDon't expose the layout manager in ChamplainView
2011-02-17 Jiří TechetDon't fire drag-finish when not dragging
2011-02-17 Jiří TechetRemove const in champlain_map_source_desc_get_constructor()
2011-02-17 Jiří TechetSkip functions with pointers to functions from introspe...
2011-02-17 Jiří TechetRename champlain_location_set_position to champlain_loc...
2011-02-17 Jiří TechetVersion control the .types file
2011-02-17 Jiří TechetSome changes in doc generation to generate doc of inter...
2011-02-17 Jiří TechetAdd clutter_actor_queue_relayout/redraw where necessary
2011-02-16 Jiří TechetUpdate libchamplain-sections.txt
2011-02-16 Jiří TechetUse selection color based on GTK colors again and use...
2011-02-15 Jiří TechetUse new macros for defining interfaces
2011-02-15 Jiří TechetChange events emitted by ChamplainMarkers to include...
2011-02-15 Jiří TechetRedraw paths on idle
2011-02-14 Jiří TechetAdjust demos to show "dynamic" path
2011-02-14 Jiří TechetImprove bounding box use
2011-02-14 Jiří TechetUpdate documentation
2011-02-14 Jiří TechetRemove functions from ChamplainMarkerLayer present...
2011-02-14 Jiří TechetIntroduce ChamplainLocation interface
2011-02-13 Jiří TechetCorrectly define abstract types
2011-02-13 Jiří TechetFix crash on shutdown
2011-02-13 Jiří TechetInherit ChamplainView from ClutterActor
2011-02-13 Jiří TechetRelayout actor when parenting
2011-02-12 Jiří TechetCall clutter_actor_queue_redraw() after drawing marker
2011-02-12 Jiří TechetImprove performance when drawing path
2011-02-12 Jiří TechetRemove depth checks from ChamplainGroup
2011-02-12 Jiří TechetPerform fade-in animation on ChamplainTile and not...
2011-02-12 Jiří TechetRename stage to view_box to avoid confusion
2011-02-12 Jiří TechetRename finger_scroll to kinetic_scroll
2011-02-12 Jiří TechetFire signals after the view state is updated
2011-02-12 Jiří TechetUse our own copy of ClutterGroup
2011-02-12 Jiří TechetWhen centering on map, don't convert to/from different...
2011-02-10 Jiří TechetUpdate documentation
2011-02-10 Jiří Techetchamplain_marker_layer_get_markers() should return...
2011-02-10 Jiří TechetRename *movable* to *draggable*
2011-02-10 Jiří TechetSome property and method renames in marker layer
2011-02-09 Jiří TechetIntroduce more drag signals
2011-02-09 Jiří TechetReplace gtk_widget_hide_all() with gtk_widget_hide()
2011-02-09 Jiří TechetRemove virtual methods of ChamplainLabel
2011-02-09 Jiří TechetIntroduce ChamplainCustomMarker implementing ClutterCon...
2011-02-08 Jiří TechetRemove unnecessary member variable
2011-02-08 Jiří TechetAdd champlain_bounding_box_compose() method
2011-02-07 Jiří TechetAdd some missing annotations
2011-02-07 Jiří TechetUpdate documentation
2011-02-07 Jiří TechetAdd additional marker manipulation functions to MarkerLayer
2011-02-07 Jiří TechetRename select to highlight to make wording consistent
2011-02-07 Jiří TechetMove marker on top when selected
2011-02-07 Jiří TechetRequire at least clutter 1.2
2011-02-07 Jiří Techetlabel, layer, license, marker, scale should inherit...
2011-02-07 Jiří TechetEncapsulate ChamplainMapSourceDesc into a class
2011-02-07 Jiří TechetMake kinetic mode boolean property and add it to mx...
2011-02-07 Jiří TechetUse bounding box where appropriate
2011-02-07 Jiří TechetSwap elements in the BoundingBox structure and fix...
2011-02-07 Jiří TechetRename polygon to path
2011-02-07 Jiří TechetCosmetic fix
2011-02-07 Jiří TechetRemove the unnecessary ChamplainRenderCallbackData...
2011-02-07 Jiří TechetChange int type to uint in several fields of ChamplainTile
2011-02-07 Jiří TechetRemove some unnecesssary data types
2011-02-07 Jiří TechetSome minor renames
2011-02-07 Jiří TechetChange the precision of marker move to double
2011-02-07 Jiří TechetRename move-by signal to moved
2011-02-07 Jiří TechetRename the scale-unit property to unit
2011-02-07 Jiří TechetRename license-text property to extra-text
2011-02-07 Jiří TechetUse guint for zoom level
2011-02-07 Jiří TechetGet viewport origin in a single function instead of two
2011-02-07 Jiří TechetMove license and scale actors out of the view
2011-02-07 Jiří TechetIntroduce ChamplainLayer - a base class of all layers
2011-02-07 Jiří TechetReduce the set of coordinate conversion functions