2009-08-04 Pierre-Luc... Version bump LIBCHAMPLAIN_0_3_6
2009-08-04 Pierre-Luc... Fix NEWS indentation
2009-08-04 Pierre-Luc... Update NEWS and README
2009-08-04 Pierre-Luc... Have ChamplainPolygon inherit from GInitiallyUnowned
2009-08-04 Pierre-Luc... Fix Clutter-Gtk-0.10 dep in .pc
2009-08-04 Pierre-Luc... Update doc to include latest API changes
2009-08-04 Pierre-Luc... Introduce the new Marker animation API
2009-08-03 Pierre-Luc... Remove dead code from demo
2009-08-03 Pierre-Luc... Fix markup in Clutter 1.0
2009-08-03 Pierre-Luc... Use Clutter 1.0 now that it has been released
2009-08-03 Pierre-Luc... Update to Clutter 0.9 latests API changes
2009-08-03 Pierre-Luc... Port ChamplainPolygon to Clutter 1.0
2009-08-03 Pierre-Luc... .pc files should point to Clutter 1.0
2009-08-03 Pierre-Luc... clutter_actor_set_position can now happen in ChamplainTile
2009-08-03 Pierre-Luc... Get rid of Anchor
2009-08-03 Pierre-Luc... Add assertion on tile's content
2009-08-03 Pierre-Luc... Port animations to the new API
2009-08-03 Pierre-Luc... Fix a precision issue
2009-08-03 Pierre-Luc... Port Champlain to Clutter 0.9
2009-08-03 Pierre-Luc... Port Tidy to Clutter 0.9
2009-08-03 Pierre-Luc... Start depending on Clutter 0.9
2009-08-03 Emmanuel RodriguezGive more time to the animations during the unit tests.
2009-08-03 Emmanuel RodriguezProvide our own gtk_widget_get_window() if GTK is missi...
2009-08-03 Emmanuel RodriguezAllow debian's lenny gtk version
2009-08-01 Pierre-Luc... Update libtool version, README and NEWS LIBCHAMPLAIN_0_3_5
2009-08-01 Emmanuel RodriguezGit ignore file
2009-08-01 Emmanuel RodriguezSkip the animation frame computation if there would...
2009-08-01 Emmanuel RodriguezCatch the division by 0 as soon as possible
2009-08-01 Emmanuel RodriguezCatch an arithmetic exception (division by 0)
2009-07-31 Pierre-Luc... Version bump to 0.3.5 LIBCHAMPLAIN_0_3_4
2009-07-31 Pierre-Luc... delete ChangeLog file
2009-07-31 Pierre-Luc... README, NEWS + libtool versioning
2009-07-31 Cosimo CecchiFix Bug 588224 – Does not build with automake 1.11
2009-07-31 Simon WennerFix Bug 586157 – libchamplain-gtk does not build with...
2009-07-31 Pierre-Luc... Add missing pychamplain.h in dist
2009-07-31 Frederic PetersFix Bug 585854 – Make distcheck required --enable-pytho...
2009-07-31 Victor Godoy... Update python binding
2009-07-31 Emmanuel RodriguezUpdate the release 0.06
2009-07-31 Emmanuel RodriguezClear the points when the polygon is disposed
2009-07-31 Emmanuel RodriguezRemove a TODO and test that clear can be called twice
2009-07-31 Emmanuel RodriguezFix a memory bug in champlain_polygon_clear_points()
2009-07-31 Emmanuel RodriguezCoverage for Champlain::Polygon
2009-07-31 Emmanuel RodriguezRemove the semicolon in XS declarations
2009-07-31 Emmanuel RodriguezCoverage for Champlain::Marker.
2009-07-31 Emmanuel RodriguezCoverage for Champlain::Layer.
2009-07-31 Emmanuel RodriguezImplement champlain_layer_add_marker()
2009-07-31 Emmanuel RodriguezImplement champlain_base_marker_set_highlighted() and...
2009-07-29 Pierre-Luc... Hide some of the Clutter API
2009-07-29 Pierre-Luc... Add champlain_polygon_remote_point
2009-07-28 Emmanuel RodriguezSimply prepend the markers when selected
2009-07-28 Emmanuel RodriguezThe selection calls differ if they are made from the...
2009-07-28 Emmanuel RodriguezTest switching between multiple selection modes.
2009-07-28 Emmanuel RodriguezTest reslecting already selected markers
2009-07-28 Emmanuel RodriguezUse a SelectionLayer for the markers
2009-07-28 Emmanuel RodriguezTest calling champlain_selection_layer_select twice...
2009-07-28 Emmanuel RodriguezBindings for champlain_selection_layer_select_all()
2009-07-28 Emmanuel RodriguezTest notify::selection-mode
2009-07-28 Emmanuel RodriguezTest selection in single mode
2009-07-28 Emmanuel RodriguezTest the property selection-mode
2009-07-28 Emmanuel RodriguezFix the Enum ChamplainSelectionMode
2009-07-28 Emmanuel RodriguezScalar context on a XS method is too strange
2009-07-28 Emmanuel RodriguezComplete tests for multiple selection mode
2009-07-28 Emmanuel Rodriguezget_selected_markers() returns the proper count when...
2009-07-28 Emmanuel RodriguezVersion change to 0.06
2009-07-28 Emmanuel RodriguezReturn XSRETURN_EMPTY if champlain_polygon_get_points...
2009-07-28 Emmanuel RodriguezBasic implementation of ChamplainSelectionLayer
2009-07-28 Pierre-Luc... Set the highlight color to use Gtk's selection color
2009-07-28 Pierre-Luc... Fix behavior in multiple mode
2009-07-28 Pierre-Luc... Eat selection events
2009-07-28 Pierre-Luc... Unselect All when clicking around markers
2009-07-28 Pierre-Luc... Fix double printf
2009-07-28 Emmanuel RodriguezSwitching to single selection mode clears the previous...
2009-07-28 Emmanuel RodriguezImplement champlain_selection_layer_select_all
2009-07-28 Emmanuel RodriguezDocumentation formatting
2009-07-28 Emmanuel RodriguezFix a typo in a comment
2009-07-28 Emmanuel RodriguezEmit the notify signal selection-mode when the selectio...
2009-07-28 Emmanuel RodriguezFix champlain_selection_layer_select() in single mode.
2009-07-28 Emmanuel RodriguezAdd the property selection-mode
2009-07-28 Pierre-Luc... Highlight markers and fixes
2009-07-28 Pierre-Luc... Add selection debug
2009-07-28 Pierre-Luc... Add highlight possibility to base marker
2009-07-28 Pierre-Luc... Implement ChamplainSelectionLayer
2009-07-28 Pierre-Luc... Fix styling
2009-07-28 Pierre-Luc... Fix enum doc
2009-07-28 Pierre-Luc... Create ChamplainSelectionLayer
2009-07-25 Emmanuel RodriguezTest Champlain::MapSource->fill_tile()
2009-07-25 Emmanuel RodriguezBindings for champlain_map_source_fill_tile
2009-07-25 Emmanuel Rodriguezset_view() is now static
2009-07-25 Emmanuel Rodriguezchamplain_map_source_real_fill_tile() is no longer...
2009-07-25 Emmanuel RodriguezFix the test for tile->get_modified_time()
2009-07-25 Emmanuel RodriguezBetter handling of the arguments for $tile->set_modifie...
2009-07-25 Emmanuel RodriguezUnit tests for the missing functions
2009-07-25 Emmanuel RodriguezAdd coverage for the missing methods.
2009-07-25 Emmanuel RodriguezUse gchar instead of char for champlain_tile_get_modifi...
2009-07-25 Victor Godoy... champlain_tile_get_modified_time and champlain_tile_set...
2009-07-25 Victor Godoy... More user friendly error in python binding configure
2009-07-25 Victor Godoy... import cluttergtk must be the first import
2009-07-25 Victor Godoy... champlain_view_ensure_markers_visible are now covered...
2009-07-25 Victor Godoy... import cluttergtk must be first import
2009-07-25 Victor Godoy... New python binding demos and