2009-06-15 Pierre-Luc... Update ChangeLog, NEWS and bump library version LIBCHAMPLAIN_0_3_3
2009-06-15 Pierre-Luc... Fix libchamplain-gtk not linking against libchamplain
2009-06-14 Emmanuel RodriguezProperly finish the pending goto animation during a...
2009-06-14 Emmanuel RodriguezAccesors/Modifiers for Chamlain::MapSourceDesc are...
2009-06-14 Pierre-Luc... Fix a warning on remove_polygon when the view is still...
2009-06-14 Pierre-Luc... Redraw polygons when their properties change and points...
2009-06-14 Emmanuel RodriguezTesting hide(), show() and the properties closed-path...
2009-06-14 Emmanuel RodriguezUpdate the test plan
2009-06-14 Emmanuel RodriguezAdd examples/ to the package
2009-06-14 Emmanuel RodriguezIncreased the zoom level.
2009-06-14 Emmanuel RodriguezAdd add_polygon() and remove_polygon()
2009-06-14 Emmanuel RodriguezTest filling a polygon
2009-06-14 Emmanuel RodriguezMore unit tests.
2009-06-14 Emmanuel RodriguezUpdated the documentation of is_color
2009-06-14 Emmanuel RodriguezBindings for ChamplainPolygon
2009-06-14 Emmanuel RodriguezNo need for Test::Exception nor the maps constants
2009-06-14 Emmanuel RodriguezBindings for ChamplainPoint
2009-06-14 Pierre-Luc... Fix very wide shadow actors
2009-06-14 Pierre-Luc... Fix markers reordering if marker's position is updated...
2009-06-14 Victor PolucenoPut python binding api changes in python demos
2009-06-14 Victor PolucenoSync with last champlain api
2009-06-14 Javier JardónFix Bug 585698 - Use accessor functions instead direct...
2009-06-14 Emmanuel RodriguezSet the current zoom level in the zoom spin button
2009-06-14 Emmanuel RodriguezFix a regression: There's no mehtod get_state in Champl...
2009-06-14 Emmanuel RodriguezReplace t/Gtk2ChamplainViewEmbed.t by t/Gtk2ChamplainEm...
2009-06-14 Emmanuel RodriguezUse the API of 3.3
2009-06-14 Emmanuel RodriguezAdd uri_format to the MapSourceDesc, it is now required
2009-06-14 Emmanuel RodriguezChamplain::MapSourceFactory->register() works with...
2009-06-14 Emmanuel RodriguezTesting the new API for Gtk2::ChamplainEmbed
2009-06-14 Emmanuel RodriguezTesting the new API for Gtk2::ChamplainEmbed
2009-06-14 Emmanuel RodriguezReplace deprecated method names (dup_default, dup_list).
2009-06-14 Emmanuel RodriguezUpdate the error message given by set_constructor()
2009-06-14 Emmanuel RodriguezXS file for Champlain::MapSourceDesc
2009-06-14 Emmanuel RodriguezAdd the properties uri_format and constructor.
2009-06-14 Emmanuel RodriguezThe accessors/modifiers are now done through XS.
2009-06-14 Emmanuel RodriguezChamplain::MapSourceFactory has accessors
2009-06-14 Emmanuel RodriguezChamplain::MapSourceFactory->get_list is now Champlain...
2009-06-14 Emmanuel RodriguezMap names use '-' as a separator instead of '::'
2009-06-14 Emmanuel RodriguezUpstream changed the GType for GtkChamplainEmbed to...
2009-06-14 Emmanuel RodriguezRename Gtk2::Champlain::ViewEmbed to Gtk2::ChamplainEmbed
2009-06-14 Emmanuel RodriguezRename Gtk2::Champlain::ViewEmbed to Gtk2::ChamplainEmbed
2009-06-14 Emmanuel RodriguezReplace champlain_map_source_factory_get_list by champl...
2009-06-14 Emmanuel RodriguezChamplain::MapSourceDesc is now a GBoxed type.
2009-06-13 Pierre-Luc... Allow libsoup to use more connections per host
2009-06-13 Pierre-Luc... Fix array usage in ChamplainZoomLevel
2009-06-13 Pierre-Luc... Abort any pending network requests when the source...
2009-06-13 Pierre-Luc... Ignore some new files
2009-06-13 Pierre-Luc... Stop any ongoing animation before disposing
2009-06-13 Pierre-Luc... Add guards to ChamplainMapSource functions
2009-06-13 Pierre-Luc... Rename GTK_CHAMPLAIN_TYPE_EMBED to GTK_TYPE_CHAMPLAIN_E...
2009-06-12 Pierre-Luc... Make the cache expire 1 day
2009-06-12 Pierre-Luc... Register ChamplainMapSourceDesc as a G_TYPE_BOXED
2009-06-12 Pierre-Luc... Rename ChamplainViewEmbed to GtkChamplainEmbed
2009-06-12 Pierre-Luc... Make ChamplainViewEmbed create ChamplainView for the...
2009-06-12 Pierre-Luc... Make it possible to create ChamplainView after Champlai...
2009-06-12 Pierre-Luc... Fix Bug 584149: libchamplain should set the user agent...
2009-06-12 Pierre-Luc... Remove non filename friendly caracters from map ids...
2009-06-12 Emmanuel RodriguezAdd parameters to map sources constructors
2009-06-12 Emmanuel RodriguezDon't invoke gperl_callback_invoke() with the extra...
2009-06-12 Emmanuel RodriguezTest the registration of a custom map source
2009-06-12 Emmanuel RodriguezReplace all map constructors by a generic one.
2009-06-12 Emmanuel RodriguezFixed the expected license for OpenAerialMap
2009-06-12 Emmanuel RodriguezThe predefined map sources have the same in formation...
2009-06-12 Emmanuel RodriguezMap description is no longer copy/pasted
2009-06-12 Emmanuel RodriguezThe type gpointer is already a pointer. No need for...
2009-06-12 Emmanuel RodriguezChamplain::MapSourceFactory->register() works with...
2009-06-12 Emmanuel RodriguezSet the gpointer data of the builtin MapSources to...
2009-06-12 Emmanuel Rodriguezchamplain_map_source_factory_register takes a construct...
2009-06-12 Emmanuel Rodriguezgpointer is already a pointer, no need for gpointer*
2009-06-12 Emmanuel RodriguezChamplainMapSourceConstructor is more binding friendly.
2009-06-12 Pierre-Luc... Reintroduce deleted functions and mark them as deprecated
2009-06-12 Pierre-Luc... Version bump to 0.3.3
2009-06-12 Pierre-Luc... get_list is now champlain_map_source_factory_dup_list
2009-06-12 Pierre-Luc... Fix ChamplainPoint gtk documentation
2009-06-12 Pierre-Luc... Fix configure warning
2009-06-12 Pierre-Luc... Define ChamplainPoint as a G_TYPE_BOXED
2009-06-10 Pierre-Luc... Fix ChamplainPolygon documentation
2009-06-10 Pierre-Luc... Resize polygon actors on ChamplainView resize
2009-06-10 Pierre-Luc... Have each ChamplainPolygon have their ClutterActor
2009-06-10 Pierre-Luc... Refine the Polygon point API
2009-06-10 Pierre-Luc... Rename Line to Polygon
2009-06-10 Pierre-Luc... Better line demo
2009-06-10 Pierre-Luc... Implement fill/stroke color, and stroke width
2009-06-10 Pierre-Luc... Get rid of double set of default values
2009-06-10 Pierre-Luc... Add default stroke and fill colors
2009-06-10 Pierre-Luc... FALSE is not NULL
2009-06-10 Pierre-Luc... Implement shape filling and stroking
2009-06-10 Pierre-Luc... Make the view draw many lines
2009-06-10 Pierre-Luc... Draw the lines using Cairo
2009-06-10 Pierre-Luc... Introduce the API for route drawing
2009-06-09 Pierre-Luc... Fix error tile always showing up when no network connec...
2009-06-09 Pierre-Luc... Fix coding style
2009-06-09 Emmanuel RodriguezRename Champlain::MapSourceFactory->get_default() to...
2009-06-09 Pierre-Luc... Add DOAP project description
2009-06-04 Emmanuel RodriguezRename Champlain::MapSourceFactory->get_default() to...
2009-06-04 Emmanuel Rodriguezchamplain_network_map_source_fill_tile is no longer...
2009-06-04 Emmanuel RodriguezSynchronized with the API changes made to the singletons.
2009-06-03 Pierre-Luc... Fix Bug 584775: build system installs "uninstalled...
2009-06-01 Pierre-Luc... Fix Bug 583502: Center_on can be wrong
2009-05-31 Pierre-Luc... Fix Bug 584368 for ChamplainMapSourceFactory