Simplify use of cache for ordinary applications
[libchamplain:potyl-perl.git] / demos / launcher-gtk.c
2010-01-20 Jiří TechetSimplify use of cache for ordinary applications
2010-01-17 Jiří TechetNew map and cache loading infrastructure
2010-01-10 Simon Wennerlauncher-gtk: Fix type warning
2010-01-10 Simon Wennerlauncher-gtk: set spin button to proper zoom level...
2010-01-10 Pierre-Luc BeaudoinMerge branch 'libchamplain-0-4'
2010-01-09 Pierre-Luc BeaudoinAdd map click to launcher-gtk for debuging purpuses
2010-01-05 Pierre-Luc BeaudoinChange the point drawing logic
2010-01-05 Pierre-Luc BeaudoinAdd extra license text to test
2010-01-04 Pierre-Luc BeaudoinUpdate the scale when recent
2009-08-25 Pierre-Luc BeaudoinFix compilation warnings in demos
2009-08-25 Pierre-Luc BeaudoinDeploy workaround for clutter bug
2009-08-04 Pierre-Luc BeaudoinIntroduce the new Marker animation API
2009-08-03 Pierre-Luc BeaudoinRemove dead code from demo
2009-08-03 Pierre-Luc BeaudoinPort Champlain to Clutter 0.9
2009-06-13 Pierre-Luc BeaudoinAbort any pending network requests when the source...
2009-06-12 Pierre-Luc BeaudoinRename ChamplainViewEmbed to GtkChamplainEmbed
2009-06-12 Pierre-Luc BeaudoinMake ChamplainViewEmbed create ChamplainView for the...
2009-06-12 Pierre-Luc BeaudoinMake it possible to create ChamplainView after Champlai...
2009-06-12 Pierre-Luc Beaudoinget_list is now champlain_map_source_factory_dup_list
2009-06-10 Pierre-Luc BeaudoinResize polygon actors on ChamplainView resize
2009-05-31 Pierre-Luc BeaudoinFix Bug 584368 for ChamplainMapSourceFactory
2009-05-07 Emmanuel RodriguezRemoved some memory leaks in build_combo_box()
2009-05-07 Emmanuel RodriguezFix compilation warnings
2009-05-04 Pierre-Luc BeaudoinIntroduce ChamplainMapSourceDesc to list available...
2009-05-03 Pierre-Luc BeaudoinIntroduce ChamplainMapSourceFactory
2009-04-12 Pierre-Luc Beaudoinlauncher-gtk should use the same markers too
2009-04-12 Pierre-Luc BeaudoinAdd a lot of properties to markers, and have it change...
2009-04-12 Pierre-Luc BeaudoinIntroduce ChamplainBaseMarker as a parent to ChamplainM...
2009-04-01 Pierre-Luc BeaudoinFix bug 576677 – Demos are not compilable out of the...
2009-03-11 Pierre-Luc BeaudoinAdd support for OSM Cycle Map and Osmarender tiles
2009-03-10 Pierre-Luc BeaudoinFix Bug 559522 – Lack of user feedback during loading...
2009-03-09 Pierre-Luc BeaudoinFix compile warnings in the demos
2009-03-06 Pierre-Luc BeaudoinIntroduce ChamplainNetworkMapSource
2009-03-04 Pierre-Luc BeaudoinAdd a more flexible and simpler API for tile URIs
2009-03-04 Pierre-Luc BeaudoinFix demos to use new ChamplainMapSource API
2009-03-04 Pierre-Luc BeaudoinIntroduce ChamplainMapSource
2009-02-12 Pierre-Luc BeaudoinMerged Anders Mørk-Pedersen's Mono bindings branch
2009-02-12 Pierre-Luc BeaudoinMerge branch 'master' of git://