Add an option to highligh points in Polygons
[libchamplain:potyl-perl.git] / champlain / champlain-polygon.c
2010-01-05 Andreas HenrikssonAdd an option to highligh points in Polygons
2009-09-14 Pierre-Luc BeaudoinUpdate GtkDoc and remove deprecated symbols introduced...
2009-08-25 Pierre-Luc BeaudoinFinal fix for 577592: Use _priv instead of the GET_PRIV...
2009-08-03 Pierre-Luc BeaudoinPort ChamplainPolygon to Clutter 1.0
2009-07-31 Emmanuel RodriguezClear the points when the polygon is disposed
2009-07-31 Emmanuel RodriguezFix a memory bug in champlain_polygon_clear_points()
2009-07-29 Pierre-Luc BeaudoinAdd champlain_polygon_remote_point
2009-06-14 Pierre-Luc BeaudoinRedraw polygons when their properties change and points...
2009-06-12 Pierre-Luc BeaudoinDefine ChamplainPoint as a G_TYPE_BOXED
2009-06-10 Pierre-Luc BeaudoinFix ChamplainPolygon documentation
2009-06-10 Pierre-Luc BeaudoinResize polygon actors on ChamplainView resize
2009-06-10 Pierre-Luc BeaudoinHave each ChamplainPolygon have their ClutterActor
2009-06-10 Pierre-Luc BeaudoinRefine the Polygon point API
2009-06-10 Pierre-Luc BeaudoinRename Line to Polygon