Add an option to highligh points in Polygons
[libchamplain:potyl-perl.git] / AUTHORS
2010-01-05 Andreas HenrikssonAdd an option to highligh points in Polygons
2010-01-04 Pierre-Luc BeaudoinAdd Tollef to AUTHORS
2009-11-16 Laurent BigonvilleFix Debian Bug #555082 about linking with gold
2009-10-21 Koop Mast598942: Fix champlain-gtk GObject introspection
2009-10-17 Bruce CowanFix the OSM licences.
2009-09-21 Halton HuoFix 595534 add --libtool to allow build pass on Solaris
2009-08-30 Felix RiemannFix 593505: Memory leak in ChamplainLayer
2009-08-05 Vincent UntzFix 590818: Fix build of introspection data with clutte...
2009-07-31 Cosimo CecchiFix Bug 588224 – Does not build with automake 1.11
2009-07-31 Frederic PetersFix Bug 585854 – Make distcheck required --enable-pytho...
2009-06-29 Tim HortonAdd GObject introspection
2009-06-29 Sebastian ReichelAdd OpenStreetMap Transport Map
2009-06-16 Pierre-Luc BeaudoinAdd missing author
2009-06-14 Javier JardónFix Bug 585698 - Use accessor functions instead direct...
2009-04-29 Debarshi RayAdd G_BEGIN_DECLS and G_END_DECLS around headers and...
2009-04-22 Victor Godoy PolucenoUpdate the Python bindings to have ChamplainBaseMarker
2009-04-11 Paulo CabidoFix Bug 576860: demo should be more "python...
2009-04-03 Debarshi RayFix Bug 577592 for ChamplainZoomLevel
2009-04-02 Sjoerd Simons-export-symbols-regex was set in AM_LDFLAGS, but this...
2009-04-01 Debarshi RayFix Bug 577592 for ChamplainView
2009-04-01 Kritarth UpadhyayPatch to partly fix bug #576680
2009-03-25 Simon WennerPartly fix Bug 571702: Host application should be able...
2009-03-25 Lionel DricotFix bug 576733: not working and...
2009-03-25 Pierre-Luc BeaudoinUpdate AUTHORS to inclue Emmanuele
2009-03-04 Pierre-Luc BeaudoinAdd Emmanuel
2009-03-02 Pierre-Luc BeaudoinFix Stephane's email
2009-03-01 Pierre-Luc BeaudoinAdd credits
2009-02-15 Pierre-Luc BeaudoinClean-up: copy AUTHORS to the main AUTHORS
2009-02-12 Pierre-Luc BeaudoinMerged Anders Mørk-Pedersen's Mono bindings branch
2009-02-12 Pierre-Luc BeaudoinMove to bindings/mono
2009-02-12 Pierre-Luc BeaudoinUpdate AUTHORS file
2009-02-11 Anders Mørk-PedersenInitial commit
2008-09-16 Pierre-Luc BeaudoinInitial creation
2008-08-12 Pierre-Luc BeaudoinInitial commit