Update the license of OpenStreetMap
[libchamplain:potyl-perl.git] / bindings / perl / Champlain / t / ChamplainMapSourceDesc.t
2009-10-17 Emmanuel RodriguezUpdate the license of OpenStreetMap
2009-09-21 Emmanuel RodriguezReplace OpenAerialMap by OpenStreetMap Mapnik
2009-06-14 Emmanuel RodriguezAccesors/Modifiers for Chamlain::MapSourceDesc are...
2009-06-14 Emmanuel RodriguezUpdate the error message given by set_constructor()
2009-06-14 Emmanuel RodriguezAdd the properties uri_format and constructor.
2009-06-14 Emmanuel RodriguezThe accessors/modifiers are now done through XS.
2009-06-14 Emmanuel RodriguezChamplain::MapSourceFactory has accessors
2009-06-14 Emmanuel RodriguezChamplain::MapSourceFactory->get_list is now Champlain...
2009-06-12 Emmanuel RodriguezFixed the expected license for OpenAerialMap
2009-06-04 Emmanuel RodriguezRename Champlain::MapSourceFactory->get_default() to...
2009-05-18 Emmanuel RodriguezTests for Champlain::MapSourceDesc