2010-02-16 Jiří TechetFix view destruction upon shutdown.
2010-02-16 Jiří TechetUse cached source when switching map sources.
2010-02-16 Rob Bradfordbuild: Add memphis-1.0 to .pc file requirements
2010-02-16 Rob Bradfordbuild: Remove spurious entry from libchamplain_include_...
2010-02-02 Pierre-Luc... Unref the info only if it was valid
2010-02-02 Pierre-Luc... Remove the code from champlain_file_cache_new
2010-02-02 Pierre-Luc... Merge branch 'libchamplain-0-4'
2010-02-01 Jiří TechetDocumentation of the new loading chain.
2010-01-29 Pierre-Luc... do not emit a notify for lat and lon if the change...
2010-01-29 Pierre-Luc... Adjust path name on Maemo to match Maep
2010-01-28 Pierre-Luc... Update NEWS and bump libtool version
2010-01-28 Jason WoofendenLoad tiles near the middle first
2010-01-25 Pierre-Luc... Also change path of cache db
2010-01-25 Pierre-Luc... Update NEWS and bump to 0.5.1
2010-01-25 Pierre-Luc... Disable Python and Introspection
2010-01-25 Pierre-Luc... Ship header files in tarball
2010-01-25 Götz WaschkRemove generated headers from build
2010-01-25 Pierre-Luc... Update NEWS
2010-01-25 Pierre-Luc... Add Jiří Techet to AUTHORS
2010-01-24 Pierre-Luc... Fix API documentation generation
2010-01-21 Jiří TechetCorrect coding style
2010-01-20 Jiří TechetSimplify use of cache for ordinary applications
2010-01-20 Jiří TechetSet CHAMPLAIN_STATE_DONE only if the tile has some...
2010-01-20 Jiří TechetRemove incorrect comment in memphis
2010-01-18 Pierre-Luc... Add special paths for Maemo
2010-01-18 Jiří TechetRename MemphisMapSource to MemphisTileSource
2010-01-17 Jiří TechetNew map and cache loading infrastructure
2010-01-17 Pierre-Luc... Load tiles async from hard drive
2010-01-16 Pierre-Luc... Update scale and license on realize (once the map is...
2010-01-16 Pierre-Luc... Make sure the licence and scale actors are on top
2010-01-16 Pierre-Luc... Update python bindings not to use deprecated code
2010-01-16 Pierre-Luc... Don't do everything everytime the user moves
2010-01-16 Pierre-Luc... Don't redraw the scale so often
2010-01-15 Pierre-Luc... Remove deprecated function call in urlmarker demo
2010-01-15 Pierre-Luc... Remove the loading of the ETAG from the file system
2010-01-15 Pierre-Luc... Rethink the init process
2010-01-15 Pierre-Luc... Make the licence code work as the scale code
2010-01-15 Pierre-Luc... center on ealier in the demo
2010-01-15 Pierre-Luc... Update gitignore for demos
2010-01-15 Pierre-Luc... 580372: Get rid of champlain_view_set_size
2010-01-14 Lorenzo MasiniShip all the python .defs files in tar balls
2010-01-14 Lorenzo MasiniFix Python demos to use ChamplainEmbed
2010-01-10 Simon Wennerfix coding style at random places
2010-01-10 Simon Wennerlocal-rendering-demo: update las_palmas.osm data
2010-01-10 Simon WennerFix crasher if invalid map or rules paths are used
2010-01-10 Simon Wennerlocal-rendering demo: replace GtkViewport by GtkFrame
2010-01-10 Simon WennerAdapt champlain to the latest changes in libmemphis.
2010-01-10 Simon WennerBugfix: Link all demos against libchamplain-0.5
2010-01-10 Simon WennerNew implementation of view_reload_tiles_cb
2010-01-10 Simon Wenneruse the new version of memphis_rule_set_[gs]et_bg_color
2010-01-10 Simon WennerUse the new MemphisRule implementation
2010-01-10 Simon WennerCode formatting
2010-01-10 Simon Wennerchamplain gtk widget needs an explicit memphis dependency
2010-01-10 Simon WennerAdd missing return
2010-01-10 Simon WennerRemove all Memphis build condition checks
2010-01-10 Simon WennerFollow the new tile management policy
2010-01-10 Simon WennerClutter 1.0 migration (no more clutter-cairo)
2010-01-10 Simon WennerRemove unused includes
2010-01-10 Simon WennerUpdate description of ChamplainMemphisMapSource
2010-01-10 Simon WennerRemove the dependency on a default rules file.
2010-01-10 Simon WennerUse ClutterColor for memphis_map_source_{g,s}et_backgro...
2010-01-10 Simon WennerRemove champlain_map_data_source_new
2010-01-10 Simon Wennerset all priv vars to NULL after unref in dispose
2010-01-10 Simon WennerDocu: *_set_* always before *_get_*
2010-01-10 Simon Wennerfix a typo in libmemphis
2010-01-10 Simon WennerAdd champlain_memphis_map_source_remove_rule
2010-01-10 Simon WennerAdd all new symbols to the documentation index
2010-01-10 Simon WennerUpdate documentation of all MapDataSources
2010-01-10 Simon WennerDocument ChamplainMemphisMapSource
2010-01-10 Simon WennerUpdate BoundingBox documentation
2010-01-10 Simon WennerUpdate documentation of ChamplainCache
2010-01-10 Simon WennerDocument all ChamplainMapDataSources
2010-01-10 Simon WennerUse memhis_map_get_bounding_box
2010-01-10 Simon WennerFix typo
2010-01-10 Simon WennerDocument ChamplainNetworkMapDataSource
2010-01-10 Simon Wennerlocal-rendering-demo: Make use of the non-persistent...
2010-01-10 Simon WennerAdd 'persistent-cache' property to MemhisMapSource
2010-01-10 Simon WennerRemove the 'map-data-changed' signal from MapDataSource
2010-01-10 Simon Wennerlocal-rendering-demo: Add dialogue to edit a rule
2010-01-10 Simon Wennerlocal-rendering-demo: Add loading icon for the NetworkM...
2010-01-10 Simon WennerAdd state property to ChamplainMapDataSource
2010-01-10 Simon Wennerlocal-rendering-demo: Use the bounding box to center...
2010-01-10 Simon WennerAdd champlain_bounding_box_get_center
2010-01-10 Simon WennerAdd ChamplainBoundingBox to champlain.h
2010-01-10 Simon WennerAdd ChamplainBoundingBox (a boxed struct), add bounding...
2010-01-10 Simon WennerNetworkMapSource: Use champlain_cache_get_filename
2010-01-10 Simon WennerShare the error tile drawing between all map sources
2010-01-10 Simon WennerAdd bounding box size check
2010-01-10 Simon Wennerlocal-rendering-demo: Hide unrelated widgets, add backg...
2010-01-10 Simon WennerAdd functions to edit the background and rules
2010-01-10 Simon WennerFix GFileInfo leak in delete_dir_recursive
2010-01-10 Simon WennerDraw error-tiles if no map data is available
2010-01-10 Simon WennerRemove 'champlain_memphis_map_source_set_tile_size'
2010-01-10 Simon WennerAdd ChamplainBoundingBox, remove unused functions
2010-01-10 Simon WennerImprove downloading of OSM data
2010-01-10 Simon Wennerlocal-rendering-demo: delete session cache only once
2010-01-10 Simon WennerFix various network-map-data-source related problems
2010-01-10 Simon WennerRemove redundant function call
2010-01-10 Simon WennerCode formatting
2010-01-10 Simon WennerInstall the api_uri property, use makros insted of...