Fix view destruction upon shutdown.
[libchamplain:potyl-perl.git] / demos / polygons.c
2010-02-16 Jiří TechetFix view destruction upon shutdown.
2010-02-02 Pierre-Luc BeaudoinMerge branch 'libchamplain-0-4'
2010-01-15 Pierre-Luc Beaudoin580372: Get rid of champlain_view_set_size
2009-08-03 Pierre-Luc BeaudoinUpdate to Clutter 0.9 latests API changes
2009-08-03 Pierre-Luc BeaudoinPort ChamplainPolygon to Clutter 1.0
2009-06-23 Emmanuel RodriguezUse the zoom-level 8 by default.
2009-06-23 Emmanuel RodriguezFree the polygons after being added to the view
2009-06-10 Pierre-Luc BeaudoinRefine the Polygon point API
2009-06-10 Pierre-Luc BeaudoinRename Line to Polygon