2010-01-04 Pierre-Luc... Update the scale when recent
2010-01-04 Pierre-Luc... Upgrade version number to 0.4.3
2010-01-04 Pierre-Luc... Do not display scale by default
2010-01-04 Pierre-Luc... Add max-scale-width property to view
2010-01-04 Pierre-Luc... Rename display-scale property and add scale-unit
2010-01-04 Pierre-Luc... Add Miles unites
2010-01-04 Pierre-Luc... Display meters when value is too small
2010-01-04 Pierre-Luc... Display mid scale value too
2010-01-04 Pierre-Luc... Remove bottom ticks
2010-01-04 Pierre-Luc... Fix scale ticks clipping
2010-01-04 Pierre-Luc... Display a significant value
2010-01-04 Pierre-Luc... Improve scale's design
2010-01-04 Pierre-Luc... Move distance computation in MapSource
2010-01-04 Pierre-Luc... Remove the signal handlers in favor of existing handlers
2010-01-04 Pierre-Luc... Fix coding style to match the rest
2010-01-04 Tollef Fog... Make it possible to hide the scale
2010-01-04 Tollef Fog... Implement variable scale length depending on latitude
2010-01-04 Tollef Fog... Add initial scaling capabilities
2010-01-04 Pierre-Luc... Getting the scale to draw
2010-01-02 Pierre-Luc... fix coding style
2009-12-29 Pierre-Luc... Make queue_redraw visible to subclasses
2009-12-29 Pierre-Luc... Fix segfault when polygon has been delete before redraw
2009-12-16 Pierre-Luc... Add a weak pointer to draw polygon's context
2009-12-15 Pierre-Luc... Fix documentation of CHAMPLAIN_VERSION_CHECK
2009-11-16 Laurent BigonvilleFix Debian Bug #555082 about linking with gold
2009-11-10 Emmanuel RodriguezSymbols to ignore when mesuring the XS code coverage
2009-11-10 Emmanuel RodriguezDon't include a .gitingore file in the manifest
2009-11-10 Emmanuel RodriguezIgnore the tar.gz dist file
2009-11-10 Emmanuel file
2009-11-10 Emmanuel RodriguezIgnore the XS temp files in the top folder
2009-11-10 Emmanuel RodriguezIgnore the XS temp files in the top folder
2009-11-10 Emmanuel Rodriguez0.10 Advertise Gtk2::Champlain.
2009-11-10 Emmanuel RodriguezAnnounce the availability of Gtk2::Champlain
2009-11-10 Emmanuel RodriguezImprove the SYNOPSIS
2009-11-10 Emmanuel RodriguezCleanup
2009-11-10 Emmanuel RodriguezUpdate the changelog for 0.01
2009-11-10 Emmanuel RodriguezUpdate the changelog for 0.10
2009-11-10 Emmanuel RodriguezThere's no subversion here
2009-11-10 Emmanuel RodriguezFiles to ignore
2009-11-10 Emmanuel RodriguezManifest files
2009-11-10 Emmanuel RodriguezBindings for Gtk2-Champlain
2009-11-10 Emmanuel RodriguezVersion change to 0.10
2009-11-10 Emmanuel RodriguezAdd Champlain to the ignore packages in Glib::CodeGen...
2009-11-10 Emmanuel RodriguezUpdate the POD
2009-11-06 Pierre-Luc... Also report as loading when validating the cache
2009-10-26 Pierre-Luc... Version bump to 0.4.2 LIBCHAMPLAIN_0_4_2
2009-10-26 Pierre-Luc... 595552: ChamplainView "decel-rate" accepts values below 1.0
2009-10-21 Koop Mast598942: Fix champlain-gtk GObject introspection
2009-10-20 Pierre-Luc... Fix compiler warning "function declaration isn't a...
2009-10-19 Pierre-Luc... Fix GObject-introspection LIBCHAMPLAIN_0_4_1
2009-10-19 Pierre-Luc... Update NEWS and libtool version bump
2009-10-19 Pierre-Luc... Update python bindings
2009-10-19 Pierre-Luc... Fix selection color being always blue
2009-10-19 Pierre-Luc... Add get/set hightlighted color
2009-10-18 Victor Godoy... Update python binding api to libchamplain 0.4.1
2009-10-18 Pierre-Luc... Add champlain_marker_get_highlight_color
2009-10-17 Emmanuel RodriguezChamplainBiew->remove_layer() is tested only if 0.4...
2009-10-17 Emmanuel RodriguezPerl bindings for champlain_view_remove_layer() are...
2009-10-17 Emmanuel RodriguezRevert "Depend on libchamplain-0.4.1"
2009-10-17 Emmanuel Rodriguez0.09 now covers libchamplain 0.4.1
2009-10-17 Emmanuel RodriguezDepend on libchamplain-0.4.1
2009-10-17 Emmanuel RodriguezIgnore .xs-coverage.ignore
2009-10-17 Emmanuel RodriguezIgnore
2009-10-17 Emmanuel RodriguezCall $view->remove_layer() in the Champlain::View test
2009-10-17 Emmanuel RodriguezAdd ChamplainView->remove_layer()
2009-10-17 Emmanuel RodriguezIndentation
2009-10-17 Emmanuel RodriguezVersion change to 0.09
2009-10-17 Emmanuel RodriguezSymbols to ignore when mesuring the XS code coverage
2009-10-17 Emmanuel RodriguezUpdate the license of OpenStreetMap
2009-10-17 Emmanuel RodriguezOpenStreetMap (osmarender) has a zoom of 17
2009-10-17 Emmanuel RodriguezUpdate the OSM license
2009-10-17 Pierre-Luc... Fix 598106: champlain plugin: map isn't displayed
2009-10-17 Pierre-Luc... Increase performance of sqlite to lower IO wait
2009-10-17 Bruce CowanFix the OSM licences.
2009-10-17 Debarshi RayFix 597272: Adjust the ZoomLevel typedefs to keep the...
2009-10-17 Debarshi RayFix 597272: Adjust the typedefs to to keep the C++...
2009-10-16 Pierre-Luc... Add parameter guards in ChamplainSelectionLayer
2009-10-16 Pierre-Luc... Fix doc generation
2009-10-16 Pierre-Luc... Add a "changed" signal
2009-10-16 Pierre-Luc... Bump to 0.4.1
2009-10-16 Pierre-Luc... Add champlain_view_remove_layer
2009-10-16 Pierre-Luc... Don't allow invalid longitude and latitude
2009-10-16 Pierre-Luc... Emit notify::map-source when modifying the map source
2009-09-26 Emmanuel RodriguezUpdate the date for 0.08
2009-09-26 Emmanuel RodriguezRun the animations in an event loop
2009-09-26 Emmanuel RodriguezRun the animations within an event loop
2009-09-26 Emmanuel RodriguezUpdate a comment
2009-09-26 Emmanuel RodriguezVersion change to 0.08
2009-09-26 Emmanuel RodriguezImplement the functions champlain_layer_animate_*()
2009-09-26 Emmanuel RodriguezImplement the new animation functions champlain_base_ma...
2009-09-21 Halton HuoFix 595534 add --libtool to allow build pass on Solaris
2009-09-21 Emmanuel RodriguezExplain why there are not Gtk2 bindings yet
2009-09-21 Emmanuel RodriguezUse the accessors instead of setting properties
2009-09-21 Emmanuel RodriguezTell the Champlain::View to take the whole canvas
2009-09-21 Emmanuel RodriguezCorrect a typo in the POD
2009-09-21 Emmanuel RodriguezUpdate the files in
2009-09-21 Emmanuel RodriguezIgnore
2009-09-21 Emmanuel RodriguezUse a decel-rate above 1.0 as the current version of...
2009-09-21 Emmanuel RodriguezFormatting
2009-09-21 Emmanuel RodriguezFix a clutter warning when cloning the default icon...