2009-03-29 Mike SheldonRemove vim swap file from last commit tutorial
2009-03-29 Mike SheldonAdd an entity to refer to the current programming language
2009-03-29 Mike SheldonUpdate champlain-tutorial.docbook to use xincludes...
2009-03-29 Mike SheldonSwitch to using xsltproc and fop instead of docbook2pdf...
2009-03-28 Mike SheldonMake it possible to have conditional text in the tutori...
2009-03-28 Mike SheldonInitial check-in of tutorial files
2009-03-28 Mike SheldonUpdate the python bindings to wrap the new set min...
2009-03-28 Mike SheldonAdd gobject.threads_init() to to fix...
2009-03-28 Pierre-Luc... Remove dead code
2009-03-27 Emmanuel RodriguezCache expiration creates an compilation error on 32bit...
2009-03-27 Lionel DricotMore intelligent ensure_visible (fix bug #576831)
2009-03-27 Emmanuel RodriguezVersion change to 0.4
2009-03-27 Emmanuel RodriguezThe marker is now animated
2009-03-26 Pierre-Luc... Reload tile if older than 1 day
2009-03-26 Pierre-Luc... A line was deleted by error in the previous commit
2009-03-25 Mike SheldonFix Bug 576698: Segfault on 32bits platform
2009-03-25 Pierre-Luc... Fix patch to cover zooming with mouse
2009-03-25 Simon WennerPartly fix Bug 571702: Host application should be able...
2009-03-25 Lionel DricotFix bug 576733: not working and...
2009-03-25 Pierre-Luc... Fix memory leaks in champlain_network_map_source_get_ti...
2009-03-25 Pierre-Luc... Fix Actor clean-up
2009-03-25 Emmanuel RodriguezUnit tests for osm_osmarender and osm_cyclemap
2009-03-25 Emmanuel RodriguezAdd the map sources: osm_cyclemap and osm_osmarender
2009-03-25 Emmanuel RodriguezPort of the C demo launcher-gtk.c
2009-03-25 Emmanuel RodriguezPort of the C demo animated-marker
2009-03-25 Emmanuel RodriguezTranslate 'cercle' to english
2009-03-25 Emmanuel RodriguezPort of the C demo launcher.c
2009-03-25 Emmanuel RodriguezAdd bindings/perl/Champlain/xs/ChamplainZoomLevel.c
2009-03-25 Emmanuel RodriguezAdd the new tests and xs/ChamplainZoomLevel.xs
2009-03-25 Emmanuel RodriguezUse an image
2009-03-25 Emmanuel RodriguezNew unit tests
2009-03-25 Emmanuel RodriguezImages for the examples
2009-03-25 Emmanuel RodriguezBindings for Champlain::ZoomLevel
2009-03-25 Emmanuel RodriguezStrings are const
2009-03-25 Emmanuel RodriguezUpdate the changelog for version 0.03
2009-03-25 Pierre-Luc... Update AUTHORS to inclue Emmanuele
2009-03-25 Emmanuel RodriguezAdded t/ChamplainMapSource.t
2009-03-25 Emmanuel RodriguezUnit tests for Champlain::MapSource
2009-03-25 Emmanuel RodriguezUnit tests for Champlain::Layer
2009-03-25 Emmanuel RodriguezVersion change to 0.03
2009-03-25 Emmanuel RodriguezReturn types are constistent with the existing XS
2009-03-25 Emmanuel RodriguezRemoved the FIXME
2009-03-25 Emmanuel RodriguezCode indentation
2009-03-25 Emmanuele BassiMakefile.PL tweaks
2009-03-25 Emmanuele Bassi[pm] Detect darwin and change dl_load accordingly
2009-03-25 Emmanuele Bassi[view-embed] Use the right types
2009-03-25 Emmanuele BassiAlways include gtk2perl.h explicitly
2009-03-25 Emmanuele Bassi[maps] Fix the ChamplainViewEmbed GType
2009-03-25 Emmanuel RodriguezAdd the GNOME bugzilla
2009-03-25 Emmanuel RodriguezUpdate to 0.02
2009-03-25 Emmanuel RodriguezPretend champlain_view_embed_get_view() takes a GtkWidget
2009-03-25 Emmanuel RodriguezIgnore the files used for building the Perl bindings
2009-03-25 Emmanuel RodriguezAdded missing entries
2009-03-25 Emmanuel RodriguezThe rule clean removes the build folder
2009-03-25 Emmanuel RodriguezVersion change to 0.02
2009-03-25 Emmanuel RodriguezNo need to include "ppport.h".
2009-03-25 Emmanuel RodriguezMove the include file around.
2009-03-25 Emmanuel RodriguezFirst argument of gperl_croak_gerror() is now NULL.
2009-03-25 Emmanuel RodriguezManifest complies with the current files.
2009-03-25 Emmanuel RodriguezAdd the Perl bindings.
2009-03-25 Pierre-Luc... Fix warnings when removing a loading tile.
2009-03-24 Pierre-Luc... Fix Tile ref counting
2009-03-23 Pierre-Luc... Memory management clean-up
2009-03-23 Pierre-Luc... Fix actor's reference counting in ChamplainTile
2009-03-23 Pierre-Luc... Fix Bug 574809: Provide a way to make visible a bunch...
2009-03-23 Mike SheldonAdd pychamplain header file forgotten from previous...
2009-03-22 Mike SheldonWrap champlain_view_go_to for the python bindings
2009-03-22 Emmanuel RodriguezGet and set width/height don't have matching types
2009-03-22 Pierre-Luc... Fix Bug 575139: Corrupted map when double clicking...
2009-03-22 Pierre-Luc... Fix Bug 557641: Smooth movement to a new position
2009-03-22 Pierre-Luc... Fix Bug 558020: Unwanted wrap effect when panning...
2009-03-22 Pierre-Luc... Move anchor computation to a separate function
2009-03-22 Mike SheldonUpdate to use new API
2009-03-22 Mike SheldonUpdate python bindings to support new API changes
2009-03-22 Mike SheldonUpdate python bindings to support new API changes
2009-03-22 Mike SheldonStart adding markers to example (still...
2009-03-22 Pierre-Luc... Fix virtual function
2009-03-22 Pierre-Luc... Assert and return_on_fail should be && not ||
2009-03-22 Pierre-Luc... Update the ignored files
2009-03-22 Pierre-Luc... Fix Bug 576206: Getter for the properties latitude...
2009-03-22 Emmanuel RodriguezFix Bug 576204: Properties latitude and longitude are...
2009-03-22 Emmanuel RodriguezFix Bug 576159: Various memory management fixes for...
2009-03-22 Mike SheldonChamplainView:actor is read-only, should not have a...
2009-03-19 Pierre-Luc... Fix Bug 575601: Return const gchar* insted of gchar*
2009-03-19 Emmanuel RodriguezFix Bug 575903: Memory leaks in champlain-network-map...
2009-03-19 Emmanuel RodriguezFix Bug 575902: ChamplainNetworkMapSource crashes when...
2009-03-17 Emmanuel RodriguezFix Bug 575645: Properties enum has same comment as...
2009-03-16 Pierre-Luc... The inherited object should match the class
2009-03-16 Pierre-Luc... Fix a ton of criticals and warnings if the error tile...
2009-03-16 Pierre-Luc... Fix Bug 575140: launcher-gtk ignores zoom-level on...
2009-03-16 Pierre-Luc... Fix Bug 575138: It is possible to zoom below zoom level 0
2009-03-16 Pierre-Luc... Add buttons over the launcher demo
2009-03-11 Pierre-Luc... Add support for OSM Cycle Map and Osmarender tiles
2009-03-10 Pierre-Luc... Fix state never done if network error
2009-03-10 Pierre-Luc... Remove some left over temp values when ChamplainMapSour...
2009-03-10 Pierre-Luc... Fix Bug 559522 – Lack of user feedback during loading...
2009-03-10 Pierre-Luc... Fix regression introduced when ChamplainMapSource was...
2009-03-10 Pierre-Luc... Fix Bug 569984 – Current position lost on window resize
2009-03-09 Pierre-Luc... Fix demo to have the click on map demo!
2009-03-09 Pierre-Luc... Allow disabling zoom in on double click