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last changeWed, 30 Apr 2014 10:36:17 +0000 (12:36 +0200)
2014-04-30 pablojanAdded CSS for GWT DatePicker UI component master
2014-04-29 Antonio Tapiador... Adjust local-release locations
2014-04-29 Antonio Tapiador... Deploy in local-release
2014-04-29 Antonio Tapiador... New layout for deployment in local-release folder
2014-04-28 Antonio Tenorio... fixes #39. Inbox messages cleared on logout
2014-04-28 Antonio Tenorio... fix for #29 and Kune: #560. Navigation behaviour changed
2014-04-28 Antonio Tenorio... Link to personal space added
2014-04-28 Antonio Tapiador... Compile in deployment environment
2014-04-28 Antonio Tapiador... Revert "GWT compilation memory boundaries"
2014-04-24 Antonio Tapiador... GWT compilation memory boundaries
2014-04-24 Antonio Tapiador... Remove old release dir before creating the package
2014-04-24 Antonio Tapiador... Fix GWT files
2014-04-22 Antonio Tapiador... Create Kune zip to publish in Artifactory
2014-04-22 pablojanFix minor compile errors after merge
2014-04-22 Antonio Tapiador... Use .version in pom.xml
2014-04-21 pablojanMerge branch 'master' of swartz:kune
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