last changeMon, 27 Sep 2010 21:15:59 +0000 (16:15 -0500)
2010-09-27 Dan KenigsbergGive a nicer message if retune is called while ksmtuned... master
2010-09-02 Justin M. ForbesDo not attempt to set max_kernel_pages on unsupported...
2010-08-26 Dan Kenigsbergmemory taken by zero qemu processes should be 0
2010-07-11 Andrea Arcangelifix some error in ksmtuned.init
2010-07-11 Andrea Arcangelifix some error in ksmd.init
2010-05-28 Justin M. ForbesFix typo: MemCached -> Cached
2010-03-02 Justin M. Forbesoptionally send debug to /var/log/ksmtuned
2009-11-03 Justin M. ForbesDefault ksm and ksmtuned services on.
2009-10-09 Mark McLoughlinFix another couple of ksm status issues
2009-10-09 Mark McLoughlinFix ksm status on kernels which don't have ksm support
2009-10-06 Dan Kenigsbergadd 'retune' verb to ksmtuned.init
2009-10-06 Dan Kenigsbergretune ksm parameters when SIGUSR1 is caught
2009-09-16 Mark McLoughlinAdd condrestart to ksmtuned.init
2009-09-16 Mark McLoughlinAdd empty condrestart to ksm.init
2009-09-16 Mark McLoughlinRemove signal from ksm.init
2009-09-16 Dan Kenigsbergdamonize ksmtuned and create pidfile
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