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2011-12-24 Paul BazinMakefile and .gitignore added; droping DTD, now using... master
2011-12-22 Paul Bazinpost method bound to kot’s URL; refactoring and new...
2011-11-30 Paul Bazinbug fix (variable renamed)
2011-11-30 Paul Bazinstatic/style.css added
2011-11-30 Paul Bazinnavigation through comments implemented
2011-11-30 Paul Bazincomments can be viewed; comment form added
2011-11-01 Paul Bazindata.pkl replaced by data.xml
2011-11-01 Paul Bazin</zero> made accessible; data is now stored in XML
2011-08-25 Paul Bazin</top> made accessible; pseudo locking of ‘data.pkl...
2011-08-24 Paul Bazinnavbar added; use of template inheritence
2011-08-24 Paul BazinREADME added; </random> made accessible
2011-08-24 Paul Bazininitial commit
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