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last changeSat, 13 Oct 2012 23:36:40 +0000 (23:36 +0000)
2012-10-13 Arvid Piccianimove qt depds to qmake deps so qmake doesnt get built... master
2012-10-13 Arvid Piccianitype there
2012-10-12 Arvid PiccianilibQtPlatformSupport is a static dep
2012-10-12 Arvid Piccianiapparantly Qml needs QNetwork
2012-10-12 Arvid Piccianihandle dependencies the android way
2012-10-12 Arvid Piccianibuild jpg image plugin
2012-10-12 Arvid Piccianiinstall qml imports
2012-10-11 Arvid Piccianibuild more stuff
2012-10-11 Arvid Piccianistatic libs
2012-10-10 Arvid Piccianiwidgets
2012-10-10 Arvid Piccianibuild qt plugins
2012-10-10 Arvid Piccianiinitial scatch
5 years ago master