last changeSat, 3 Nov 2012 10:31:24 +0000 (11:31 +0100)
2012-11-03 Ruben VandammeMerged changes of Madagu. master
2012-07-17 madagumoving emoticon and emoticontheme to msgparsers folder
2012-07-17 madagumodifications in main.cpp 4
2012-07-17 madaguchanges in emoticon and emoticontheme classes
2012-07-17 madaguemoticon and emoticontheme classes added
2012-07-17 MadAGuadding emoticon and emoticontheme classes
2012-07-15 ArArgyridisadding emoticon and emoticontheme classes
2012-07-06 Argyros ArgyridisAdded emoticon class (emoticon.h, emoticon.cpp)
2012-05-05 Ruben VandammeRoster: Show "blocked" icon on blocked contacts in...
2012-05-05 Ruben VandammeRosterDelegate: don't set QIcon theme
2012-05-05 Ruben VandammeFix issue with "Other Contacts" group.
2012-04-15 Ruben VandammeMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/3' of git://gitorious...
2012-04-15 Adria ArrufatMade the Contact List Window update its title bar with... 3
2012-04-09 Ruben VandammeChatWindow: set alert flag when message is received.
2012-04-09 Ruben VandammeChatWindow: Use showTextMessage to display texts.
2012-04-09 Ruben VandammeChatWindow: escape html and single quotes.
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