last changeSat, 4 Dec 2010 22:29:31 +0000 (00:29 +0200)
2010-12-04 Attila Csipabugtracker is not a requirement any more master
2010-08-29 Attila Csipalogin asynced, too
2010-08-28 Attila CsipaMerge branch 'master' of
2010-08-28 Attila Csipaasync page loader
2010-08-22 Attila Csipaworkaround to native Qt signal not callable bug
2010-08-19 Attila CsipaMerge
2010-08-19 Attila Csipavote REALLY fixed
2010-08-19 Attila Csipacheckbox multiline trick attempt
2010-08-19 Attila Csipavote comment bug fix
2010-08-18 Attila Csipacomment posting works ! yay !
2010-08-18 Attila Csipaupdate icon change and initial functionality, ability...
2010-08-18 Attila Csipanew design idea from ivanzorkic
2010-08-16 Attila Csipaupdate icon to show if package is an update to an exist...
2010-08-16 Attila Csipashorten extra long app names (thinking if there should...
2010-08-15 Attila Csipasingle line appitems
2010-08-14 Attila Csiparearrange visuals. I *did* like color coding a lot...
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