last changeSun, 3 Aug 2014 05:19:33 +0000 (22:19 -0700)
2014-08-03 Jacob AlexanderMatrix scanning for ARM now functional. master
2014-08-01 Jacob AlexanderInitial MatrixARM implementation
2014-07-28 Jacob AlexanderMacro cleanup.
2014-07-26 Jacob AlexanderAdding layer fall-through lookup
2014-07-26 Jacob AlexanderAdded layerList and layerState functions
2014-07-25 Jacob AlexanderAdded capSelect function that can arbitrary run a keybo...
2014-07-25 Jacob AlexanderAdding macroList debug function
2014-07-25 Jacob AlexanderAdded capabilities list debug option
2014-07-25 Jacob AlexanderBasic debug trigger/result macro viewer
2014-07-19 Jacob AlexanderRemoving unnecessary ifdefs
2014-07-19 Jacob AlexanderAdding McHCK flash reload function and some cleanup.
2014-07-16 Jacob AlexanderInitial work for partial layers and macros.
2014-07-15 Jacob AlexanderMcHCK USB WORKS!!
2014-07-01 Jacob AlexanderMcHCK now working with UART.
2014-06-28 Jacob AlexanderFixed bug with standalone UART CLI
2014-06-28 Jacob AlexanderAdding UART and UART + USB muxed CLI output.
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