last changeSun, 17 Jul 2011 16:39:43 +0000 (18:39 +0200)
2011-07-17 Martin HöherChanged include of KXmlGuiWindow master
2011-05-14 Martin HöherSome fixes and enhancements in GUI and core
2011-05-14 Martin HöherOnly set SSH_ASKPASS if not yet set
2011-05-07 Martin HöherImplemented child tasks
2011-05-07 Martin HöherAdded status notifier item + changes in menu setup
2011-05-06 Martin HöherAdded views module + some enhancements in model
2011-05-02 Martin HöherAdded copying of tasks + cloning of rsync task
2011-05-02 Martin HöherAdded tooltips/whats-this and some fixes
2011-05-02 Martin HöherCompleted connection page
2011-05-02 Martin HöherAdded connection page UI file
2011-05-02 Martin HöherAdde filter config page
2011-05-02 Martin HöherAdded setting/applying of current pages
2011-05-02 Martin HöherChanged to Designer UI files in rsync plugin
2011-05-01 Martin HöherSome fixes, added logging and extended rsync plugin
2011-04-30 Martin HöherAdded rsync plugin + some fixes/additions in modules
2011-04-29 Martin HöherAdded TaskRunner + some fixes
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