last changeThu, 19 Jan 2012 08:04:40 +0000 (09:04 +0100)
2012-01-19 Benoît HERVIERFix comma missing master
2012-01-18 Benoît HERVIERTest if dbushandler.KhweeteurDBUSHandler.iface isn...
2012-01-18 Benoît HERVIERTry to avoid dbus exception
2012-01-18 Benoît HERVIERAdd some exception type when reading file
2012-01-18 Benoît HERVIERFix drawing bug when we didn t got a pixmap for the...
2012-01-17 Benoît HERVIERFix #1053 local variable isme referenced before assignment
2012-01-17 Benoît HERVIERCatch EOFError too in loading list_model from file
2012-01-17 Benoît HERVIERIncrease version number, add missing import for errno
2011-12-23 Benoît HERVIERChange setup to follow evolution of sdist_maemo
2011-12-23 Benoît HERVIERremove unwanted tabulation
2011-12-23 Benoît HERVIERReport of fix from
2011-12-23 Benoît HERVIERmodify changelog
2011-12-23 Benoît HERVIERRemove unused load of QSettings
2011-12-23 Benoît HERVIERRemove unused import
2011-12-23 Benoît HERVIERLogging undefined in posttweet
2011-12-23 Benoît HERVIERBug fixes for #976, #967, Replying to a tweet with...
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