2012-10-27 Felix GeyerReduce required cmake version to 2.8.8 again. 2.0-alpha3
2012-10-27 Felix GeyerBump version to 2.0 alpha 3.
2012-10-27 Felix GeyerUpdate changelog.
2012-10-27 Felix GeyerInclude some more Qt plugins in the Mac OS package.
2012-10-27 Felix GeyerFix font rendering on Mac OS HiDPI screens.
2012-10-26 Felix GeyerFix typo.
2012-10-26 Felix GeyerDon't use deprecated Qt methods.
2012-10-24 Florian GeyerAdd menu entry to copy an entry attribute to clipboard.
2012-10-23 Felix GeyerFix includes for ptrace(PT_DENY_ATTACH, ...).
2012-10-23 Felix GeyerDrop WITH_PIE option as it's broken.
2012-10-23 Felix GeyerBuild icon into the main executable on Windows.
2012-10-22 Felix GeyerEnable CPack on Windows.
2012-10-22 Felix GeyerStore the filename instead of a QTemporaryFile in TestGui.
2012-10-22 Felix GeyerClose file in TestQSaveFile::autoFlush() so we can...
2012-10-22 Felix GeyerDisable TestQSaveFile::transactionalWriteErrorRenaming...
2012-10-22 Felix GeyerMake QSaveFile work on Windows when the target file...
2012-10-21 Felix GeyerFix drag'n'drop of multiple entries.
2012-10-21 Florian GeyerImprove headline in EditEntryWidget.
2012-10-21 Florian GeyerWhitespace separated search terms are AND concatenated.
2012-10-21 Felix GeyerInclude config-keepassx.h in Tools.cpp for the HAVE_...
2012-10-21 Felix GeyerMake TriState strings translatable.
2012-10-21 Felix GeyerCoding style fixes.
2012-10-21 Felix GeyerMake sure all auto-type settings are saved and the...
2012-10-21 Felix GeyerDisable core dumps and tracing on *nix.
2012-10-20 Florian GeyerRefactor EditGroupWidget.
2012-10-20 Florian GeyerMake group autotype setting editable via GUI.
2012-10-20 Florian GeyerSearch in root group by default.
2012-10-12 Felix GeyerImplement database locking.
2012-10-12 Felix GeyerAdd small comment.
2012-10-12 Felix GeyerAdd Database::verifyKey().
2012-10-12 Felix GeyerAdd CompositeKey::isEmpty().
2012-10-12 Felix GeyerCheck if all required database headers were present.
2012-09-25 Felix GeyerAdd support for database format 3.01 (HeaderHash).
2012-09-25 Felix GeyerAllow only selecting one row in AutoTypeSelectView.
2012-09-01 Felix GeyerMinimize the main window with Command + M on Mac OS.
2012-08-18 Florian GeyerAdd presets for expire date.
2012-08-15 Florian GeyerRemember show toolbar option.
2012-08-05 Felix GeyerUse QTime instead of QElapsedTimer with Qt 4.6.
2012-08-05 Felix GeyerSelect the first entry when the model has been reset.
2012-08-04 Felix GeyerMake sure the clipboard is cleared before the QApplicat...
2012-08-04 Felix GeyerActivate the auto-type select dialog after showing it.
2012-08-04 Felix GeyerDisable dragging items from the AutoTypeSelectView.
2012-08-04 Felix GeyerMove inline keyword to function definition.
2012-08-04 Felix GeyerCoding style fixes.
2012-08-04 Felix GeyerShow group and entry view context menus from MainWindow.
2012-07-28 Florian GeyerDo not try to open a non-existing database.
2012-07-27 Felix GeyerShow a busy cursor while doing master key transformations.
2012-07-27 Felix GeyerAdd action to open the entry URL.
2012-07-25 Felix GeyerMark m_pixmapCacheKey as mutable so we don't have to...
2012-07-25 Felix GeyerSpeed up TestGui by removing unnecessary waits.
2012-07-25 Felix GeyerRegain focus after native file dialogs have been closed.
2012-07-24 Florian GeyerRefactor wildcard matcher test.
2012-07-23 Florian GeyerDisable recent databases menu when in settings widget.
2012-07-23 Florian GeyerPrevent selection of both entries when an entry is...
2012-07-23 Florian GeyerAdd shortcuts for entry creation, editing, cloning...
2012-07-23 Florian GeyerShow last used databases in file menu.
2012-07-23 Felix GeyerUse WildcardMatcher for simple Auto-Type window patterns.
2012-07-23 Felix GeyerMove autoTypeSequence() and windowMatches() to the...
2012-07-23 Felix GeyerFall back to WM_NAME if _NET_WM_NAME does not exist.
2012-07-23 Felix GeyerCoding style fixes.
2012-07-23 Felix GeyerReturn Q_NULLPTR instead of 0 when the return type...
2012-07-23 Felix GeyerDisable searching and auto-type for the Backup group...
2012-07-23 Felix GeyerFor global auto-type use the default sequence of the...
2012-07-23 Felix GeyerSet Auto-Type sequence edit to read only when in histor...
2012-07-23 Felix GeyerOptimize WildcardMatcher a bit.
2012-07-22 Felix GeyerSubclass QSortFilterProxyModel to hide the group column...
2012-07-22 Felix GeyerAdd TestGui::testCloneEntry().
2012-07-22 Florian GeyerMake wildcard matcher case insensitive.
2012-07-22 Florian GeyerAdd custom wildcard matcher.
2012-07-21 Felix GeyerSet name of the root group when importing KeePass 1...
2012-07-21 Felix GeyerImplement global auto-type dialog.
2012-07-21 Felix GeyerAllow EntryModel to be used with entries from different...
2012-07-21 Felix GeyerRename methods in EntryModel and EntryView from "search...
2012-07-21 Felix GeyerDon't add new entries to EntryModel when in search...
2012-07-21 Florian GeyerMove recycle bin creation method to Group class.
2012-07-20 Felix GeyerReplace EntryAttachments and EntryAttributes operator...
2012-07-20 Felix GeyerImprove window select combo box.
2012-07-20 Felix GeyerUpdate auto-type association editing.
2012-07-19 Felix GeyerRefactor Entry::truncateHistory().
2012-07-19 Felix Geyerconst_cast "this" instead of the member variable.
2012-07-19 Felix GeyerImport Auto-Type associations in KeePass1Reader.
2012-07-19 Felix GeyerClose search when the escape button is pressed.
2012-07-19 Felix GeyerReplace some more Q_WS_* with Q_OS_*.
2012-07-19 Felix GeyerUse constructor initialization lists where possible.
2012-07-18 Felix GeyerAdd a cache for FilePath::icon().
2012-07-18 Felix GeyerDon't add double "/" to paths.
2012-07-18 Felix GeyerInstall the auto-type plugin.
2012-07-18 Felix GeyerSupport proper plugin finding.
2012-07-18 Felix GeyerRename DataPath to FilePath.
2012-07-17 Felix GeyerAdd a few drag'n'drop tests.
2012-07-17 Felix GeyerGenerate new random transform seed when changing transf...
2012-07-17 Felix GeyerFix CompositKey self assignment.
2012-07-17 Felix GeyerAdd GUI test for changing the database transform rounds.
2012-07-17 Felix GeyerRegenerate key in Database::setTransformRounds().
2012-07-17 Felix GeyerRefactor TestGui a bit.
2012-07-16 Felix GeyerUse Q_OS_MAC instead of the nonexistent Q_OS_MACOS.
2012-07-16 Felix GeyerCoding style fixes.
2012-07-16 Felix GeyerAdd auto-type settings to EditEntryWidget.
2012-07-16 Felix GeyerAdd AutoTypeAssociationsModel class.