2015-05-09 Felix GeyerAdd Twofish tests to Crypto::selfTest(). master
2015-05-09 Felix GeyerDon't run gcrypt self tests.
2015-05-06 Felix GeyerMerge remote-tracking branch 'github/pr/80'
2015-05-06 Felix GeyerMerge remote-tracking branch 'github/pr/90'
2015-05-06 dartraidenspelling correction, fixed typos
2015-05-03 Felix GeyerUse Q_BYTE_ORDER for endianness detection.
2015-05-03 Felix GeyerLook for a close button when pressing the escape key.
2015-05-03 Felix GeyerDisplay a Close button for history items.
2015-05-03 Felix GeyerUse common EditEntryWidget::clear() method.
2015-05-03 Felix GeyerFix crash when pressing "cancel" on a history item.
2015-05-01 Felix GeyerDocument the libxtst dependency.
2015-04-14 Felix GeyerInstall desktop file and icons to DATADIR instead of...
2015-04-14 Felix GeyerHide Auto-Type action when it's not available.
2015-04-14 Felix GeyerAdjust coding style.
2015-04-14 Felix GeyerMerge remote-tracking branch 'github/pr/82'
2015-04-08 Felix GeyerStore icons with a resolution of up to 128x128 px.
2015-04-08 Felix GeyerUse CMAKE_INSTALL_DATADIR to look for the data dir.
2015-04-05 Felix GeyerRename Extras menu to Tools and move Lock Databases...
2015-04-05 Felix GeyerMerge branch 'lockdb'
2015-04-05 Felix GeyerClose databases when they are locked.
2015-03-31 Felix GeyerScale new custom icons down to 64x64 if they are larger.
2015-03-15 Joe HarvellIssue #270 - turning off key location memory
2015-03-13 Felix GeyerProperly auto-type line breaks and tabs in text.
2015-03-13 Felix GeyerAlways sleep some time after the keymap has changed.
2015-03-13 Felix GeyerProcess events from the event loop before typing the...
2015-03-13 Felix GeyerRework handling of modifiers in auto-type.
2015-03-13 Felix GeyerGet the xtest keyboard instead of the core keyboard.
2015-03-13 Felix GeyerRestore keyboard mapping only if we actually changed it.
2015-02-26 Ben Boeckelcmake: remove the LOCATION query
2015-02-24 Felix GeyerIncrease sleep time after remapping a keycode.
2015-02-24 Felix GeyerBlacklist the KDE 5 root window.
2015-01-11 Felix GeyerAdd non-const version of Group::groupsRecursive().
2014-12-22 Felix GeyerMerge branch 'knu-fix_opening_attachment'
2014-12-22 Akinori MUSHAFix the temporary filename template so that the origina...
2014-12-03 Felix GeyerRaise an error when parsing duplicate attributes/attach...
2014-12-03 Felix GeyerAdd hasKey() convenience methods.
2014-12-03 Felix GeyerDisable attachment buttons when none is selected.
2014-12-03 Felix GeyerSupport opening attachments directly.
2014-12-02 Felix GeyerMerge branch 'elrob-master'
2014-12-01 Rob SpellerRemove confusing grammar
2014-12-01 Florian GeyerCorrect handling of keyfile argument.
2014-12-01 Felix GeyerIntroduce a strict mode in KeePass2XmlReader.
2014-11-30 Felix GeyerRemove Twofish reference from the README.
2014-11-30 Felix GeyerAdd a translations section to the README.
2014-11-30 Felix GeyerExpand the build-dependency section of the README.
2014-11-30 Felix GeyerSmall README corrections.
2014-11-30 Felix GeyerWrap overly long lines in
2014-11-30 Felix GeyerMerge branch 'hbetts-readme'
2014-11-30 Felix GeyerRemove ModifiedOnExpandedStateChanges config option.
2014-11-30 Felix GeyerMerge branch 'knu-untoggle_find'
2014-11-19 Akinori MUSHAComplete remove the toggle search action.
2014-11-18 Akinori MUSHAMake Ctrl+F not toggle the search mode but always enabl...
2014-11-04 Felix GeyerEnable debug mode for Travis CI builds.
2014-11-04 Felix GeyerDefine QT_NO_DEBUG for build type None.
2014-11-02 Felix GeyerUpdate translations.
2014-11-02 Felix GeyerAdd Travis CI config.
2014-11-02 Felix GeyerCoding style fixes.
2014-11-02 Felix GeyerUse specific monospace fonts as fallback on Mac OS X.
2014-11-02 Felix GeyerAdd an option to display a tray icon.
2014-11-02 Felix GeyerFix reading window title from _NET_WM_NAME.
2014-10-09 Florian GeyerFix copy custom attributes menu.
2014-09-05 Florian GeyerClear available languages when loading settings.
2014-06-16 Felix GeyerMerge branch 'yayachiken-yayachiken-dev'
2014-06-16 David Kolossa! binds stronger than ==
2014-06-16 David KolossaFixed typo in INSTALL
2014-06-15 Felix GeyerMerge branch 'movestill-fixConfigPath'
2014-06-15 Felix GeyerDo some basic self-checks when initializing the crypto...
2014-06-13 Felix GeyerEnable C++11 by default.
2014-05-26 Felix GeyerClear clipboard only if copied text is still present.
2014-05-26 Felix GeyerSkip TestQSaveFile::transactionalWriteErrorRenaming...
2014-05-18 Felix GeyerShow the window title when no entry matches for auto...
2014-05-17 Felix GeyerAdd initial support for translations.
2014-05-17 Felix GeyerIncrease the EntryView default column size a bit.
2014-05-17 Felix GeyerUse plurals in translations.
2014-05-17 Felix GeyerMark some strings as untranslatable.
2014-05-17 Felix GeyerBlock non-user updates in DatabaseWidgetStateSync.
2014-05-17 Florian GeyerCorrect tr-calls.
2014-05-17 Felix GeyerRemember and synchronize entry column sizes.
2014-05-17 Felix GeyerRename config option window/Geometry to GUI/MainWindowG...
2014-05-17 Felix GeyerMake DatabaseWidget splitter non-collapsible.
2014-05-17 Felix GeyerUse QSplitter::setStretchFactor() convenience method.
2014-05-17 Felix GeyerMake DatabaseWidget::emit{Group,Entry}ContextMenuReques...
2014-05-17 Felix GeyerCoding style fix.
2014-05-17 Felix GeyerDrop DatabaseWidget::groupView() and entryView().
2014-05-17 Felix GeyerSynchronize DatabaseWidget splitter sizes.
2014-05-16 Florian GeyerImprove tab order.
2014-05-16 Felix GeyerInitally select first entry in EntryView.
2014-05-16 Florian GeyerStop search timer when closing search.
2014-05-16 Felix GeyerFocus the search field instead of closing it when press...
2014-05-16 Felix GeyerPut test executables into their default location.
2014-05-16 Florian GeyerMove QTEST_GUILESS_MAIN statements before test cases.
2014-05-16 Florian GeyerIntroduce interface for exporter.
2014-05-16 Florian GeyerMove exporter to separate class.
2014-05-16 Florian GeyerExtend TestEntrySearcher.
2014-05-15 Florian GeyerRefactor TestEntrySearcher.
2014-05-15 Florian GeyerMove match method out of entry class.
2014-05-15 Florian GeyerRefactor TestEntrySearcher.
2014-05-15 Florian GeyerMove search into separate class.
2014-05-15 Felix GeyerFix typo canDeleteCurrentGoup() -> canDeleteCurrentGroup().
2014-05-15 Felix Geyerconst-ify several methods.