Install desktop file and icons to DATADIR instead of the hardcoded share/.
[keepassx:keepassx.git] / utils /
2014-11-30 Felix GeyerMerge branch 'hbetts-readme'
2014-06-15 Felix GeyerMerge branch 'movestill-fixConfigPath'
2014-06-15 Felix GeyerDo some basic self-checks when initializing the crypto...
2013-10-03 Felix GeyerDrop Qt module name from include statements.
2012-10-29 Felix Geyerkdbx-extract: delete database.
2012-10-29 Felix Geyerkdbx-extract: Don't abort if parsing the XML data fails.
2012-05-21 Felix GeyerFix cmake file formatting.
2012-04-22 Felix Geyerkdbx-extract: Print error message when opening the...
2012-01-06 Felix GeyerSupport key files in kdbx-extract.
2012-01-06 Felix GeyerProper error handling for reading databases.
2011-11-12 Felix GeyerFix cmake files to use new gcrypt variables.
2011-07-08 Felix GeyerCoding style fixes.
2011-07-06 Felix GeyerAdd kdbx-extract utility.