When using native menubars, make the area switcher a toolbar widget
[kdevelop:kdevplatform.git] / shell / runcontroller.cpp
2010-09-13 Aurelien GateauWhen using native menubars, make the area switcher...
2010-09-02 Milian WolffMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/26' of gitorious...
2010-08-31 Milian WolffMerge branch '1.0'
2010-08-29 Andreas PakulatMerge branch 'merge_git'
2010-08-19 Andreas PakulatMerge branch '1.0'
2010-08-17 Andreas PakulatMerge branch '1.0'
2010-08-17 Andreas PakulatMerge branch '1.0'
2010-08-17 Andreas PakulatMerge branch '1.0'
2010-08-16 Milian WolffMerge branch '1.0'
2010-08-12 Milian WolffMerge branch '1.0'
2010-08-12 Milian WolffMerge branch '1.0'
2010-08-12 Milian WolffMerge branch '1.0'
2010-08-11 Andreas PakulatMerge branch '1.0'
2010-08-08 Milian WolffMerge branch '1.0'
2010-08-08 Milian WolffMerge branch '1.0'
2010-08-05 Milian WolffMerge branch '1.0'
2010-08-03 Milian WolffMerge branch '1.0'
2010-08-02 Andreas PakulatMerge branch '1.0'
2010-07-27 Milian WolffMerge branch '1.0'
2010-07-25 Aleix PolMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/19' of git://gitoriou...
2010-07-24 Niko SamsMerge branch 'master' into fix-restore-open-files
2010-07-18 Milian WolffMerge branch '1.0'
2010-07-18 Milian WolffMerge branch '1.0'
2010-07-15 Milian WolffMerge branch '1.0'
2010-07-15 Milian WolffMerge branch '1.0'
2010-07-12 Milian Wolffmerge davids recent changes
2010-07-12 Milian WolffMerge branch '1.0'
2010-07-11 Milian WolffMerge branch 'master' into zwabel
2010-07-11 Milian WolffMerge branch '1.0'
2010-07-08 Mantia AndrasMerge branch '1.0'
2010-07-07 Milian WolffMerge branch '1.0'
2010-07-07 Milian Wolfffix broken conditionals, fixes launching
2010-07-07 Mantia AndrasMerge branch 'master' of gitorious.org:kdevelop/kdevpla...
2010-07-07 Mantia AndrasMerge branch '1.0'
2010-07-07 Aleix PolMerge branch 'master' of gitorious.org:kdevelop/kdevpla...
2010-07-07 Aleix PolShow the run config dialog when there's no run configur...
2010-07-07 Mantia AndrasMerge branch '1.0'
2010-07-05 Milian WolffMerge branch '1.0'
2010-07-02 Milian WolffMerge branch '1.0'
2010-06-30 Andreas PakulatMerge branch '1.0'
2010-06-27 Andreas PakulatMerge branch 'replace_project_model'
2010-06-19 Milian WolffMerge branch 'externalscript'
2010-06-19 Niko SamsMerge branch 'generic_project_manager_tests'
2010-06-18 Aleix PolMerge branch 'master' into import_wizard
2010-06-16 Milian WolffMerge branch '1.0'
2010-06-14 Milian WolffMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/9' of gitorious.org...
2010-06-11 Milian WolffMerge branch '1.0'
2010-06-07 Nicolás AlvarezChange "Stop Jobs" icon from dialog-close to process... 9
2010-06-07 Andreas PakulatMerge branch '1.0'
2010-05-29 Niko SamsMerge branch '1.0'
2010-05-26 Andreas PakulatMerge branch 'remove_duchain_static'
2010-05-22 Andreas PakulatMerge remote branch 'esben/cmaketestsupport'
2010-05-19 Andreas PakulatMerge branch '1.0'
2010-05-19 Andreas PakulatMerge branch '1.0'
2010-05-18 Milian Wolfffix conflict
2010-05-17 Aleix PolMerge branch 'master' into import_wizard
2010-05-15 Milian WolffMerge branch 'master' into problem-kte-marks
2010-05-14 Andreas PakulatRevert "Get rid of the Setup flags."
2010-05-14 Andreas PakulatMerge branch '1.0'
2010-05-14 Andreas PakulatGet rid of the Setup flags.
2010-05-13 Niko SamsMerge branch 'generic_project_manager_tests'
2010-05-12 Niko SamsDon't access currentTargetAction if it's empty.
2010-04-15 Tobias KoenigAllow to use the project importer with a Core object...
2010-04-07 Andreas Pakulatwhitespace fixes (remove whitespace and eol).
2010-04-07 Andreas PakulatFix saving of current launch config.
2010-03-21 Niko SamsDon't duplicate already-generated launch configs.
2010-02-21 Alexander DymoExtend IRunController interface with two methods:
2010-02-20 Niko SamsSelect launch configuration that the user created throu...
2010-02-20 Niko SamsWhen starting the debugger from commandline set the...
2010-02-15 Niko SamsDon't show annoying "Job failed" MessageBox when build...
2010-02-14 Niko SamsReenable the finished slot, although the messagebox...
2009-12-15 Niko Samsless debug output
2009-12-15 Niko SamsUse launcher that supports the requested mode (instead...
2009-10-31 Andreas PakulatImplement a contextMenuExtension function that allows...
2009-10-31 Andreas Pakulatprovide a contextMenuExtension function to populate...
2009-10-31 Andreas PakulatAdd public API to create a new launch configuration...
2009-09-07 Andreas PakulatOoops, didn't mean to commit this part.
2009-09-07 Andreas PakulatProperly shutdown all running processes when runcontrol...
2009-08-20 Andreas PakulatFix signal-slot connection after signal-name changed.
2009-08-10 Andreas PakulatAdd context to the shortened icontexts
2009-08-09 Andreas PakulatSet iconText which is shorter on some actions for the...
2009-07-27 Andreas PakulatFix usage in no-ui case, don't try to initialize action...
2009-07-25 Andreas PakulatAlso disable/enable actions when a project is being...
2009-07-23 Andreas PakulatDisable launch actions based on list of launch configs
2009-06-17 Andreas PakulatAdd a profile action that runs the profiler. Still...
2009-05-27 David NoldenDon't crash when trying to stop a job through the dropd...
2009-05-18 Andreas PakulatAdd ... to indicate this action launches a dialog.
2009-05-05 Niko SamsAlways initialize currentTargetAction with 0 in constru...
2009-05-04 Niko SamsAnother try for NoUi initialisation of RunController.
2009-05-03 Andreas PakulatMove the save-code into a private member function to...
2009-05-03 Andreas Pakulatdon't crash on close if there's no current target
2009-05-03 Andrew ColesProof-reading.
2009-05-03 Andreas PakulatFix startup, don't try to access current action when...
2009-05-02 Andreas PakulatRead and write current launch action properly from...
2009-05-02 Andreas PakulatWrite out the current launch config to disk.
2009-05-02 Andreas PakulatFix removing actions when a launch config was deleted.
2009-05-02 Andreas Pakulatfix name-change notifications for launch configs, make...
2009-05-02 Andreas PakulatMove the ExecuteCompositeJob out of the runcontroller...
2009-05-01 Niko SamsDon't create actions in NoUi mode
2009-04-30 Andreas PakulatMerge branch 'rework_run'