last changeMon, 22 Nov 2010 17:02:04 +0000 (18:02 +0100)
2010-11-22 David noldenDelete recovery files for documents in the moment they... master
2010-11-22 David noldenRemove the debug output
2010-11-22 David noldenFix massive UI flickering when closing the last view...
2010-11-22 Milian Wolffprevent qt warning about unexpected null receiver in...
2010-11-22 Milian Wolffcheck for signal existance before connecting to it...
2010-11-22 Milian Wolfffix close all tabs / close other tabs actions by using...
2010-11-22 Milian Wolffdon't crash when we don't find an area for a view
2010-11-22 Milian Wolffintroduce getter for current document path/url
2010-11-22 Aleix PolMerge branch '1.1'
2010-11-22 Aleix PolWhen removing a file or directory, check if it has... 1.1
2010-11-21 Nicolás AlvarezFix comment typos in iplugin.h.
2010-11-21 David noldenRemove obsolete todo
2010-11-21 David noldenAdd useful assertion
2010-11-21 David noldenShow the "clear" button in the filter view.
2010-11-21 Milian Wolffprovide QDebug operator<< for RangeInRevision and Curso...
2010-11-21 Milian Wolffput filter line edit into the dockwidget's toolbar
8 years ago v1.1.0 tag version v1.1.0
8 years ago v1.0.90 tag for release of 4.1 RC1
8 years ago v1.0.82 create tag for 1.1 beta 3
8 years ago v1.0.81
8 years ago v1.0.2 release tag for KDevplatform 1.0.2
8 years ago v1.0.80 tag first beta of KDevplatform 1.1
8 years ago v1.0.1 tag KDevplatform in preparation...
8 years ago v0.9.93 Create the Beta3 tag from last...
8 years ago v0.9.85 Tag kdevplatform alpha5
8 years ago v0.10.2 Tag RC3
8 years ago v1.0.0 Tag KDevPlatform 1.0.0
8 years ago v0.10.1 Tag RC2
8 years ago v0.10.0 Tag 1.0 rc1
8 years ago v0.9.99 Tag KDevPlatform 0.9.99
8 years ago v0.9.98 Tag KDevPlatform Beta8
9 years ago v0.9.97 Tag KDevPlatform Beta7
8 years ago master
8 years ago 1.1
8 years ago 1.0